I’m not going to say this is my favorite trend because I’m pretty sure I start 90% of my fashion posts that way. So, instead I’m just going to say, velvet is hot right now and I’m not sad about that. By the way, the 90s called, they want their fabric back. I’m not too upset about that either. Pretty sure everything about this outfit screams 90s and the vestige of my youth. Lace, crushed velvet, jumpsuit, yep I’m chasing the past but at least (I think) I look good doing it. 

I’m not going to drone on and on about this one. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

PS As I was waxing on about on Instagram, I’m working on my RBF and apparently posing. Touching your hair is so vogue and so is not smiling. I won’t show you the outtakes. You’re welcome.

Jumpsuit: c/o Gozon (use code “mommyinflats20” for 20% off your next order)

Bodysuit: Victoria’s Secret

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Bag: EditLifeWear

Oh quick note: this was probably the most inconvenient outfit to pick to wear out (but oh so comfy and it was the husband’s birthday and though I’m not ready for number five anytime soon, I decided to let him choose my outfit anyway). Full jumpsuit and snapped top (I’m not even 100% convinced this is a top, J thinks it’s supposed to be underwear- I maintain no lady of dignity would wear this without knickers- so maybe Britney Spears…). That said, the nice thing about this jumpsuit is that it does not snap or tie or zip, which means it pulls down super easy. No bathroom disasters here which may be a miracle after four kids and a glass of wine. So, enjoy your bum snaps and one piece pantsuit but be aware that it may not be your friend in the middle of the public bathroom stall at Wally World.


  1. Looking good, I like the jumpsuit! I’m always trying to find flattering jumpsuits so that’s great to here it fits well (and can be taken down when needed! Haha)
    Thanks for sharing – Laura

    1. Right? Haha I always forget I’m wearing one until I have to go to the ladie’s room and then I’m like huh ??‍♀️

  2. You are so hilarious! And honestly, this look is fall PERFECTION. Looks so dang good on you. I love lace and velvet!

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