Washed out tee dress: c/o Gozon (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for great buys at great prices no need to wait for a sale!); Shoes: old, similar

If I couldn’t care less about the Nordstrom sale, am I even a fashion blogger? Everyone who is anyone is sharing all their gorgeous picks from the sale and I’m over here like- wait, the sale hasn’t even started yet (I had ambitions of posting this last week but- life with four kids eh?). I mean, I love a good deal as much as the next girl but I have four little reasons why I’m not going to get to Nordies before August (or ever, because it’s really freaking far away…do we even have one?). If you want me, I’ll be at the splash pad, it’s where all the cool moms go (by the way, this photo shoot was super awkward, let’s say I was the only one over nine playing in the water).

Even though I can’t share my Nordstrom Anniversary sale finds, I guess I can share with you what I am buying right now because I’m obsessed. The boho bug has officially bit. It’s not that I wasn’t into boho before because I have been for a while (along with everyone else) but I have finally given in to the obligatory blogger Free People obsession (thanks for making that one easy Zappos). Though, I didn’t shop the sale (maybe next week), I did snag a few things from the big N because they were on sale (secret most of the things I browsed weren’t that inexpensive- maybe my $5 Target tees have ruined me for real fashion?), and I hadn’t seen them anywhere else.

Four things I’m loving right now (via a mini try on sesh).

Much like everything at Nordstrom right now, this dress is sold out, but you can check out similar ones here and save 20% anytime with the code MOMMYINFLATS20. 

Boho Dresses.

One of the only items I got from Nordstrom and I didn’t buy it during the sale but I did get 40% off so I’m not sure the difference.

Long Cardis.

I’m not keeping the one pictured because I just can’t justify that price tag on something I don’t love. So, instead I ordered this one from Gleam Boutique during a recent sale. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all the sales.

Dress: Leith

Blush Pink.

This dress was also from Nordies and on sale. It wasn’t a steal but it is really nice fabric and the drape is amazing. If you’re going to shop, make it high quality. Speaking of quality, I’m also drooling over this Blush Cardigan from Gleam Boutique– currently stalking the postman because it’s arriving soon.

Open Toed Booties.

I don’t often purchase my shoes these days because I work with so many amazing brands but, my shoe obsessed husband (he’s a rare find- he enjoys buying me shoes and I enjoy wearing them) found these for me. They’re buttery soft and so comfy. I sized a full size down before I got some that stayed on my feet. They are definitely a splurge and do not have the support that a lot of the shoes I wear (like these and these). The color pictured is also off, these are the brown which look more like the color listed as natural but I love them so in Tim Gunn’s words I’ll make it work.

Quick fashion tip: make a list of things you want to complete your wardrobe (or don’t make a list and walk around wondering what it was you knew you really needed). Then, when you see a sale, browse with purpose instead of randomly purchasing things because they’re “on sale.” There is no free lunch and that $2 tee you didn’t need/want is taking up closet real estate. Impulse buys can be fun every now and again but knowing what you need will keep you from ending up with a full closet and nothing to wear!

Some other things I’ve been loving for ages: Gozon boutique (use code MOMMYINFLATS20), washed out fabric, and tee dresses (talk about boho). Children (even when they’re not mine) in the splash pad. Espadrilles (though to be honest, these are not my favorite shoes- they don’t hit me right and the peep toe isn’t long enough- it’s more like peep sliver of a toe but Zappos delivered them damaged and therefore for a steal so it wasn’t worth sending them back). Peaches (yay for peach season- it’s almost as good as apple picking in the fall!). And, good denim.

You may not find me at Nordstroms but you will find me sweeping the internet for random fashion when I can’t sleep at 2 am (maybe that cold brew at four in the afternoon wasn’t such a great idea?). And, when I find something good, you can be sure I’ll let you know. And, when I don’t, I’ll let you know that too.


    1. I say this and I totally didn’t need that pink dress but ya know- I need it haha. ❤️❤️

    1. Yeeees both are fabulous! I’m planning to finally wear the floral dress tomorrow. It was just waiting for the right occasion!

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