Dress: Bailey Rose & Co. (code MommyinFlats20 for 20% off entire site!); Cardigan: similar use code “MOMMYINFLATS” for 10% off your purchase at Poppy & Dot; Booties: c/o Rockport

I had another dress planned for this look but I guess it will just have to be the first look for the new year instead (and a stunning look it will be). Instead, I’m wrapping up my holiday series with black head to toe. I actually wore this one for Thanksgiving but I’ve been itching to wear it for a lot longer. 

Back up, it’s a basic black tee dress from Bailey Rose & Co. in an amazing fabric and fun design. Here’s what though. It was too long on me and a little too loose at the waist. Either of these issues by itself would have been fine but together. Well, it just wasn’t flattering on me but the material- I couldn’t give up on it. I’m not particularly vertically endowed so things either have to be long or short. Anything that hits mid calf just doesn’t look right. The most mid length I usually go is right below the knee. Long story short, I had this on my to do list for quite a while before it was to done. A little nip here and a new hemline there (I went with an asymmetrical hem instead of a slit and a straight one because of how I needed the length to fall). Voila, what’s new is new again. 

Just so you know this is what it looked like as I bought it (and for the record, if I were a bit taller I would have kept t as is- I love everything about the dress):

Screen shot from Bailey Rose & Co.

Full length with the altered hem: 

Holiday tip: wear black. Black is always in no matter how you style it or what time of year it is. I wore this one for Thanksgiving but with a bright red lip and some swanky shoes, this look is just as good for Christmas though perhaps with a pair of stockings. The thing about black is that you can always dress it up with bling, add an accent color with scarves, shoes, or other accessories, or just embrace the monochromatic look head to toe. No matter how you dress it, black is chic. 

I’m signing off for Christmas, though I may be around with random mumblings (especially on instagram). From my family to yours Merry Christmas and see ya in the New Year! 


  1. What a great dress! I love that the dress has some texture to it and the asymmetrical hem. You’re right, I can see it worn in so many different ways.
    Can’t wait to see what your New Year’s outfit will be!

  2. I love what you did with the dress! The alterations look amazing! And I totally agree…when in doubt I go with black. It is such a timeless look!

  3. Black is always my go-to! I love that you know how to dress your body and what looks and feels the best on you. That dress is beautiful and how fun to take something that wasn’t working for you and make it fabulous with a few alterations!

  4. I love that you were able to breathe life into this dress! Black is a beautiful and perfect anytime color—especially for the holidays. Wishing you a very merry and now following you on Instagram:)

  5. I love these looks, such a pretty dress and I completely agree, wear black to look sophisticated and put together, you can never go wrong with black!

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