Jacket: c/o Member’s Only; Velvet Top: old; Leggings: Target; Booties: c/o ABEO Footwear from The Walking Company

By now you’ve figured out that this year’s Christmas fashion theme is black, black, and more black. I may throw a hint of grey in here and there but if you’re hoping for color, this is not the blog for you (this year, next I will have changed my mind). I’ve already told you how I spice up my neutrals for the holidays but now I’m going to show you a couple weeks to show you.

By now you also know that I have a couple favorite shoe brands, one of those is the footwear brand Abeo from The Walking Company. Haven’t heard of them? (Then you haven’t been reading my blog..;) You’re not alone. I hadn’t either until they contacted me over the summer. They are changing the face of Orthotic footwear. So many amazing styles in beautiful materials at affordable prices and they’re good for your whole body (cushioning your arch is the best thing you can do for joint health. If you’re a runner or have had knee, hip, or foot pain, you should be worried about this now). I’m excited that I finally don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Today’s challenge is how to wear leggings to your Christmas party. You’re about to see these faux leather leggings from Target (for $16) a lot. I tried the Spanx ones (all the styles actually) and I just didn’t fall in love. They definitely are for someone (if you’re in the insta fashion world everyone) but that someone is not me.

How to make leggings festive.

  1. Add Texture.

  2. With a sleek shoe.

  3. Accessorize.

You’ll hear me say this again and again but the easiest way to add dimension to your outfit is with textures. Good shoes and accessories lend your closet a hand to make your basic pieces more versatile. These faux leather leggings add a little shine to an all black look. The sleek boots take it to another level, adding an edge to my Christmas look. I’ve had this festive scarf from Target for several years now and without fail, it adds a little pop to my Christmas wardrobe (this neutral Christmas thing isn’t really new). You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your wardrobe festive, you just need to add some creativity to your basic pieces.

What’s your favorite way to wear leggings? Have you jumped on the faux leather trend? No matter how you do it, live your best comfy life!


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