I like to welcome the seasons with a big hello. This Spring has been a little stubborn. Here in Virginia, we spent February enjoying the sun and beautiful breezy temps. Then March hit and it snowed. Like really??? 

True to form we seem to be skipping the really nice cool spring days and heading straight into the high 70s, low 80s and I’m ready to get out my summer wardrobe. You won’t see me breaking out the jean jacket (because I don’t have one) or trench coat because give me a good cardi (or five because that’s totally how many I bought this season- capsule wardrobe what?) and I’m set. 

I have a lot of posts coming on retro fashion (because duh I love it!), summer shoes, and how I shop (it’s a process!). For today, I’m going to introduce you to my sunglasses. I finally bit the bullet and invested. I’m hoping these ones last me more than one year (like the cheapies). Here’s what I considered when searching for my perfect pair: 

1. Style– retro, aviator, classic, wire rimmed or plastic? What’s your favorite style? What makes you feel beautiful? That’s where you should always start with clothes and accessories. Because if you feel good in them, you’re going to wear them and vice versa. 

2. Shape– round, oblong, one piece, square, cat eyes (really popular this season and I’m in love). It’s also important to consider size and eye protection in this category. You may love the shape of a smaller round pair but if it doesn’t shade your eyes, it’s not a good fit for you. Personally, I like oversized glasses. I don’t like to see the frame much in my peripheral vision. So, I tend to go big- as it turns out this also works for my round cheeks (I was not blessed with high cheekbones and smaller glasses tend to look funny on my rounder face). Someone with a slimmer face may be able to pull off the chic petite frame look, but I cannot. 

3. Color– black, brown, pink, reflective, green. Shades come in many colors- the frames and the lenses. Never thought you’d have to consider skin tone when choosing glasses? You just might if that pink shade you love blends in too much with your pale complexion. On the other hand, white might pop against a darker palette. As far as lenses go, I prefer brown or black shades. I find them comfortable for sun protection and I like the way they look. Really, that’s a personal preference. If you’re making an investment, you need to look at longevity. Will you still like them this time next year? The best way to gauge this may be to buy a couple cheapies and see if you tend to get bored or sad when you wear them out. 

4. Embellishment– brand marking, metal swirls, rhinestones, or leopard print. This is all about preference but again, I would spend $10-20 on a funky pair but if I was looking at a pair of Ray-bans, I’m going to keep it classic. 

My final note on how to pick your best pair of sunglasses is just try them all. All shapes, styles, and colors. Go to target or a department store and plant yourself in front of the glasses. Try them all even if they don’t look good on the rack because you don’t know until you try them! 

How did I choose my sunglasses this year? I went for classic styles that fit my retro vibe. Think Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. The Kate Spades were a little out of my comfort zone but they’re so comfortable to wear and they stay on my face. I hated saying goodbye to my Guess pair and I’ll still keep them around for when I’m in a pinch but they stretched out and kept slipping off my nose. That’s what I’m really hoping to get out of my sunglasses investments this year- a couple years of not having to replace glasses with shape, color, and design I love. 

Happy Spring and enjoy the sun (with super cute, comfortable, and classic eyewear)!

Sunglasses: Kate Spade (unavailable in white but still in black and tortoiseshell) 

Blouse: Loft

Jeans: Level 99

Shoes: Earth


  1. Can’t tell if I like my new pair, but seems like I followed pretty much all your suggestions. I guess time will tell.

  2. Love your suggestions! I have blue eyes so many extra pairs of summertime sunglasses are a must! I have them everywhere! Great post! (P.S. Cute mustard top too!)

  3. Great suggestions! I’m partial to smaller lenses as I have a tiny face. The big lenses don’t fit properly enough for me to wear. Good tips on picking out sunnies!

  4. I am in the market for a new pair this season. Thanks for the great tips. I really like the look of Aviators but I don’t think they suit my face. The search continues.

  5. While cute and comfortable, I noticed that thick arms on sunglasses block my peripheral vision which I don’t like while driving.

    1. Yes! I think it’s key to find a pair that really works for you. They make all sorts so the thinner armed ones are better for some people. I prefer to have my head squeezed so I like the thicker arms myself! But, adjustable noses are great because I hate when they fall off.

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