Kids. Let me tell ya people: they are exhausting (not like I need to tell you, am I right?). Anything that makes them a little less so, that’s on my list. Nothing keeps kids quiet and content (at least for five minutes) like food. I don’t know about yours, but my little angels are also little hobits. They have breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, lunch and a half, and then ask me “so, what’s for lunch.” Sigh. Anything that makes them excited to get their own snacks: yes please.

Santa brought these adorable snack bags from Apple Park Kids and we’ve been loving them ever since. Loving them with Annie’s Bunny Snacks, some all natural version of Fruit Loops (I read an article once about food dyes that scared me away from the traditional ones), pretzels, chips, and even cheerios (not even the organic kind- just the straight from the mill golden delicious variety). They’re great for apples, cherries, strawberries; name a fruit, it can go in this bag (though if I have to cut it, it probably won’t, yay for the already sliced fruit section). Sandwiches? It’s got you covered. The inside of the snack bag is made of a BPA free insulated waterproof lining that makes it perfect for keeping things cool while they’re waiting to be gobbled up (though not for long if they’re coming out of our house). 

The best part of all is that the bags can go straight in the dishwasher when the kids forget them for a week with oranges in them (not that that’s happened here or anything). These bags are perfect for snacks on the go (we packed these all week for dance camp) and even around the house because who wants to buy a million little plastic baggies when you could reuse these all year long?

To match, the Easter Bunny delivered Organic Farm Buddies (Pin my top non-candy Easter Basket filler Post for next year). They pretty much took over Easter as each child quickly claimed their animal as their favorite bedtime companion. Though, M (aged 3) decided he wanted baby Hey J’s Robbie Raccoon even though the raccoon is of the smaller variety (Penny Pig, Ballerina Mouse, and Boxer Dog are the 18″ size) and has a baby rattle inside (as do all the 14″ variety).

What better way to spend an afternoon than with snacks and friends? At least, that’s what my girls thought. Baby Hey J just wanted to know where all the snacks were and why he kept running out.

Snack bags: c/o Apple Park Kids

Organic Farm Buddies: c/o Apple Park Kids

***I only review and promote items I love. These were given to me as part of a blogger program but I am not monetarily compensated for any reviews and the opinions are all my own. I am not prompted, nor expected to write up anything specific with my collaborations with Apple Park Kids, I just really love their items (see here when I won their monthly Instagram contest!). If you have a baby coming, I will likely be sending you one of their amazing lovies. It was our favorite baby shower gift and is still loved on daily. Over here, we just love our Apple Park Kids and think you will too! Stay tuned to my instagram and facebook pages because another great sale is coming soon!!***


  1. Love them 🙂 and the orange left in the bag- common mistake haha. So great they can go in the dishwasher always sways me to buy things 🙂 xx

  2. How cute are these bags?! Snacking is already a huge hobby for our daughter and these snack sacks would be icing on the cake!

    1. All 4 of mine do! Even the baby gets excited when they come out because he knows what’s coming ?

  3. Yes!! I have 3 hobbits as well!! (That seriously made me laugh because I refer to mine as such and refer to all their meals that way too. Only my husband gets the reference. Lol) Love the snack bags! Way better than the baggies!

    1. Haha right??? Only someone who has heard a child ask for breakfast after they had eggs, toast, and fruit, can understand our plight!!

  4. Those snack bags are adorable! My boys eat as much as your kids do and I’ll definitely be adding these to my list of must haves!

    1. Yep! Sometimes I wonder if they’re going to eat us out of house and home! At least now I don’t have to wonder if they’ll eat us out of plastic bags!!

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