I like to wear my clothes every which way I can. I’m loving turning dresses around to give me another look, knotting skirts to take them from a maxi to a mini, and tying tees to take them from long and drapy to crop top sleek and chic. But, Ashley Gill designer and creator of NYC fashion line, Rora Clothing, is taking it to the next level.

I sat down with Ashley…well over this great interweb thing anyway and we had a short chat about what her company is about.

Mommy in Flats: As a new designer, what is your vision for fashion in the future/ what do you see as the mark you’re going to make on the fashion industry?

Ashley Gill: I have been working in the industry and designing for 10 years and what I want to create is a lifestyle brand. A company that women can relay on for great product and make dressing easier.

MiF: On your website you emphasize the importance of conscious fashion, how do you strive to meet that goal in the manufacture of your products? 

AG: My main focus is adding quality to a each pieces whether it is through my high end fabrics or reversible pieces.

MiF: How do you think your line of fashion meets the needs of the modern woman, both working and stay at home mom?

AG: I think my brand meets the needs for the modern women because whether you are working or a stay at home mom… the older we get the less time we have to be fashionable. I created a brand to make women worry less about what to wear and spend more time living. Going on my site you can see that I have clothing the flatters all different body types and can work with any person. Pieces that you can make a statement without little effort.

MiF: You feature a lot of reversible clothing items. How did you come up with that idea?

AG: I came up with the idea because I travel a lot for work. I need clothing that I can get a lot of mileage on and can wear multiple ways. All the reversible pieces I saw in the market were cheaply made or not on trend. Working in the fashion industry I wanted high end product but able to wear multiple ways. So I will make sure offer some reversible pieces in every collection that I do.

MiF: What do you think is on the fashion horizon for Fall 2017 and how will Rora fit into that scene?

AG: Modernized Pschodelic movement is coming into the fashion world this Fall. Each collection Rora is inspired by a different place around the world that I have traveled too. Spring was based off Nanjing China / Summer was based off Bacelona ,Spain / Fall is based off Tokyo,Japan. The bold colors and prints that are on their way are sweet classic silhouette with a edge flare.

MiF: Lastly, the thing that’s on everyone’s mind: salty or sweet?  

AG: Sweet, always=)

I don’t know about you but I’m super excited to see what Rora comes up with next. Until then, I’m rocking this beautiful floral and navy reversible skirt. It even inspired a purchase of a petiskirt because a full skirt needs a little twirl.

Stay tuned, because I’m doing something today that I never do, posting twice. That’s right, check back in this evening to see this skirt reversed. Catch ya on the flip side (HERE).

Jacket: H&M

Top: H&M

Skirt: Rora Clothing (consciously produced, made in China, I recommend sizing up because I found it ran a little small)

Shoes: Lucky Brand (most likely made overseas)


    1. Thank you! I’m loving all the looks I can get out of this one piece. It looks completely different without the pettiskirt too!

  1. This is great! As someone that practically lives in gym clothes I was looking in my closet the other day thinking I needed to spruce things up a bit and get out of the gym clothes. Thanks for posting!

    1. Oh I feel you- the yoga pants or leggings have a strong pull! I’m also trying to just put jeans on- it’s a struggle lol

  2. You look gorgeous! I’m feeling inspired to experiment a bit more with my clothing as since my son was born I’m mostly living in jeans! But I love this feminine skirt.

    1. Yes! After having a baby it’s all about survival and yoga pants for a while but eventually I need to come out of my shell and experiment with more styles!

    1. Haha I feel you. All my years have not been spent loving fashion. But, as the years go on! I’d love to be a stylist and personal shopper- one day!

    1. Yes! That’s what I love about the idea of reversible clothing- you can’t even tell it’s the same piece!

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