Just a post about a little real life. I’m having a hard time getting into the swing of things over on the blog right now. I mean how many times can I tell you how to wear an outfit 4 ways? I mean apparently a lot. Until next time here’s a non sponsored, non fashion related post (though those boots are all from Bearpaw– we love that brand! Use code BPAMBJF for 20% off your entire purchase).

The past year has been a hard one. When I had my baby Hey J, I felt like I had a hard year. I dealt with some physical and mental health issues, lots of car and house troubles, and some friend conflict. Since then, I’ve continued to struggle on, I’ve grown in many ways. I’m learning to place more emphasis on the important things, less on the not so significant, and finding tactics to handle both positively (though I’ll admit, I don’t always succeed at handling them properly).

Overall, my little family is thriving and we are juggling the demands of a normal (full of ups and downs) life. What we didn’t expect came last spring when we lost someone very dear to us. I can’t really put into words the emotions, grief, or struggles that have come with this loss but suffice it to say it’s been a difficult season.

This year, I wrote my Christmas card with a heavy heart. I couldn’t shout to “be merry and full of cheer” when my heart is far from either. But, I can’t say that the year has been completely without merit. I still have four joyful little hearts to cultivate and love. That’s life, full of love, laughter, joy, struggles, tears, and failures.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from the Christmas letter I sent (to very few;) for 2018:

I’m not going to wish you a Christmas filled with cheer. But rather, I wish you the grace to deal with life’s trials, hope to look toward the future, and above all, love for yourself and your family- it really does make the world go round.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Death is never an easy thing to discuss or deal with. So the fact that you are acknowledging your grief is important and while no amount of hugs will fix it, I know time will. So hang in there. Happy first Monday of January and wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Sending hugs your way….

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

    1. Thank you Maureen ❤️ I hope you’re having a wonderful new year! I know this year will be hard so just setting my expectations according to it- thank you for your kind words!

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