Has anyone else noticed how weird the weather has been lately? I’m in Virginia and one day I’ll go out and be a little too warm with a heavy sweater and a scarf (my new favorite accessory btw). The next? I’m freezing in 2 shirts, a sweater, fuzzy socks, boots and my puffy jacket with a hat and gloves. That pretty much sums up our weather for you. Hey, at least we get all 4 seasons, sometimes in the same week but what can ya do? 

The key to staying comfy is layers. The more layers the better. I almost always start with a basic tank (I love these long and lean from Target). Then a tshirt or light sweater. Then, sometimes I put another sweater on and then my coat but sometimes I just go straight to the coat or use my sweater as my coat. One key to keeping warm when you’re not a fan of outerwear (guilty), scarves. They can serve as a  substitute for a heavy coat when you’re not going to be out for longer than a second. Or they can give you an extra layer to wear when you’re inside and it’s too hot for a coat but too cold to be without anything (think costco’s refrigerated section- brrr). 

One great thing about this outfit is, again, I built it using things I already owned (socks, tank, boots, coat) and supplemented it with target clearance for the shirt and my AE jeggings and scarf, which are new to this year (post on my great jeans quest coming soon). Those Ugg sweater boots are a favorite of mine because they can be worn so many ways. They have buttons and can be worn up, scrunched down, cuffed (as pictured), unbuttoned, buttoned. The options are endless and they have held up beautifully. You can’t even tell they’ve been my favorite boots for five years or so. 

What’s my point? Layers are good when you live in a state where Mother Nature is bipolar. Sweater boots are comfy. And, if you invest in classic staples, you can add a few new items each season without needing to break the bank. 


Shirt: Xhileration

Jeans: American Eagle jeggings

Sweater boots: Ugg 

Infinity scarf: American Eagle (unavailable, similar

Coat: American Eagle (old, similar)

One other note, when it’s cold outside, you’ve got to layer up on the inside too. Sometimes that means a Latte and when you never quite kicked your ice habit from baby #4 that means, chick fil A ice. ? (I’ve really tried to avoid emoticons but, well, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw one in occasionally.) 


    1. I love them but I’ll be honest- the loft ones stay up better. But, I’m very hour glass shaped so my belly goes in but then my legs are….solid…so high waisted jeans work the best. However, the $30 price tag on AE was pretty nice.

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