Hi, I’m Jamie and I play WoW. Yep. I’m a geek. I just thought I’d put it out there so we were on the same page. I love dressing up, getting my nails done, carrying pretty bags. So here’s how I reconcile my two worlds. Awesome tshirt with a pretty skirt, hair, and jewelry. Throw on a comfy sweater and you’re set for the perfect fall outfit. 

So, this outfit consists of things I already own and wear regularly. I hope it inspires you to take a look in your closet and see what you have that you love. Take a look and see if there’s a way you could put a new spin on how you wear it. 
Shirt: old from Teespring

Skirt: old from Maurice’s 

Sunglasses: Guess purchased from TJMaxx (similar from Target) 

Here’s what the kids were up to: