So, I didn’t have time for a full out photo session (I mean, really, who does?) so I just snapped a pic in my (poorly lit) closet. After a super busy last couple of weeks, I was ready to just throw on some comfy clothes. So out came the leggings. I love these because they have a cute little cutout detail on the side.

I currently only have four pairs of yoga leggings in my closet (of which fact, I am very proud). I cannot say the same about long sweaters (though I did purge a bunch recently for a good cause). However, this American Eagle sweater is 100% nylon (good for my wool hating skin) and so soft I could just sleep in it.

At this point, I’d like to take a minute to say that some of the clothes I’m featuring on this blog are newer because I just had a baby and a lot of my clothes I’ve either outgrown in size or in fashion. However, some items (like the Victoria’s Secret t-shirt) are trusty stand bys. My goal with this blog is to go through my closet and find the clothes that I really feel good about wearing. Along the way, I’ll share some of my favorites for the kids and what products I use (hair, skin, nails, make up). I’ll try to give you links to the items I’m wearing, but sometimes it won’t be possible to even find anything similar. Hopefully, this will give me an outlet other than mommy and me classes, and inspire you to spice up your own mommy look, without your toddlers’ ketchup smeared on your shirt.

Sweater: American Eagle

T-shirt: Victoria’s Secret (old)

Yoga leggings: Mossimo

Shoes: Sperry