While we were making these, my friend was like “you should blog about this” and I’m all like no, the internet’s got this one covered. Then I posted pictures of it and people asked and I thought, what the heck, just a quick one. I won’t go into super details because, google. There are many ways to make calm down bottles. I chose corn syrup, hot water, and several types of glitter. 

Several months ago, J bought me an iPhone 7+ and found me the most beautiful waterfall glitter case to go with it. We started noticing our children gravitate toward it especially when they were feeling agitated. I decided immediately that we needed to make calm down bottles because we could all use a little calm in our lives (can I get an Amen?). 

Without further ado, here’s the recipe and materials I used: 

330 ml voss water bottles (from amazon

Ultra fine glitter in multiple colors (amazon)

Chunky glitter (Hobby Lobby for this one but you can find it on amazon)

Light corn syrup

And, here’s what worked for me: about 3/4 cup hot water in the bottom of a Pyrex measuring cup. Add corn syrup until you get to about the 1 1/4 cup line (that’s 1/2 cup corn syrup- you may need slightly more if you want your glitter to fall slower). Add as much glitter as you’d like but make sure to use the chunky glitter for at least some of it, the fine glitter will not settle properly without the chunky glitter. Take the labels off your voss bottles and add jewels and/or mini glass beads.  The jewels float and the beads sink really fast but they give the bottle a rain stick sort of sound which is also calming. Pour the solution straight into the bottle on top of jewel/bead mixture (this is why we used the measuring glass!). Shake well. Super glue the lid when the water cools to room temperature. 

I had to pour some water out and add more corn syrup and glitter to mine because they weren’t falling right so keep in mind that these are estimates (and I didn’t measure my corn syrup ratio exactly but I’m pretty sure that 3/4 cup water to 1/2 cup+ was what we ended up with). However 1 1/4 cups of liquid was about right for our voss bottles. Adding more corn syrup to top it off. Make sure you’re liberal with the chunky glitter as this also makes the project. 

Good luck and have fun!