As we were in the midst of planning for this mini-series, we went to TJ Max to look for accessories (yeah my husband helps me pick out earrings but he probably wishes I hadn’t told you that…then again he won’t read this so I’m safe). And, what do you know my mini-me found something she had to have. It didn’t break the bank so I said sure, and then she found sandals too. What can I say, she was so cute when she brought them to me and asked if she could do pictures like mommy. After all, what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with matching outfits with the girl who first made me a mom? 

Mommy and Me

This is my last installment of my cold shoulder series. I’ll admit here and now that the lighting wasn’t as good as the other shoots (well, at least rain is good for something because this is what happens when it’s really sunny out). That said, I kept this look super casual. I pulled out my gladiator sandals to match the mini-me. I wore my Mother’s Day bar necklace (as seen here) and kept the jewelry pretty minimal, some drop earrings in Blush and a vintage ring I found for $1. 

It was fun dressing like my baby- I don’t think we’ve ever officially matched before. And, the best part of all was that we spent the day as a family with my own mom. 

In summary, I love this dress for all the reasons: color, fabric, shape, design, versatility. It’s a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up, dressed down, and even in between. It’s perfect for running after four crazy kids or an evening out with your main squeeze. I think I finally have a verdict on the Cold Shoulder look and that’s a resounding yes from me. 

Which was your favorite? Or is the verdict still out on cold shoulders? Comment below to chime in with your opinion! 

Dress: Pink Blush

Shoes: Earth

***I received this dress as a part of Pink Blush’s ambassador program but all reviews and opinions are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. To keep the integrity and authenticity of my blog, I do not accept money in exchange for reviews.***

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