Who says fashion has to be limited to things? Food can be beautiful too as Tara Bersnak of Beautiful Soup has proven time and again with her creations. A small businesswoman, Tara strives to source all her ingredients locally and caters to many food sensitivities and allergies. She makes a wide variety of soups from Carrot Ginger to Chicken Zoodle.

Have you heard that bone broth is super healthy for you? Have you made any? Yeah me neither. Who has the time? Between homeschooling, social obligations, and household projects, I sure don’t. That’s what makes Beautiful Soup so awesome- place a quick email and Tara delivers it to your door.

Not many of you may know this, but, over the last year I’ve been very sick and developed a handful of food sensitivities. It has made it hard to find good sources of healthy protein and fats. In fact, after I had Jude I was having a hard time eating anything at all, my stomach just wasn’t agreeing with anything. Enter Beautiful Soup bone broth. It tastes great while being filling and it’s something I can feel good about feeding to my family.

Amidst all the chaos that is my life. I decided maybe it was time to let my children use knives. Real, sharp ones. I’m not sure where that decision came from but here we are- chop, chop, chopping. I’m embracing the whole Montessori approach here and counting it as schooling. A and B especially love it and the wild thing, well, I’m just glad he hasn’t poked anyone’s eye out with his butter knife.

Now, I’d really like to give you a recipe for exactly what I put in my soups, but I’m not really sure. My cooking style is pretty much open the fridge pick some things, add a pinch of that, a splash of that, and pray it tastes good (luckily it usually does, though I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences in the kitchen).

Even so, I’ll let you know the kinds of things I usually put in my soup and you can adjust to taste.

Soup pictured:

Beautiful Soup Bone Broth (subscribe to deliveries here)

Organic chicken thighs (from Costco)




Green beans


Spinach (I bought this from the grocery store but often buy kale or spinach locally at Woodbine Farm Market)

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Spices to taste: paprika, oregano, dill, garlic, turmeric

Liquids (amount varies from a couple tablespoons to 1/2 cup- experimenting is the best way to find what you like): amino acids (a substitute for soy sauce), lemon juice, white wine, worctershire sauce

I also often add squash to my soup but didn’t have any today. It was still good to the last spoonful. Warm yourself up today, go make some soup; or better yet, let Tara deliver some!

You can follow Tara on Facebook and Instagram (@beautifulsoupsss) or send her an email [email protected]


    1. It’s fantastic! I can’t praise it enough. Making dinner with her fabulous bone broth again tonight in fact! ?

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