Washed Black Tee: c/o Mint Julep; Mesh Leggings: c/o Mint Julep; Peep Elbow Cardi: c/o Mint Julep; Sneakers: Born, purchased from Zulily (I’ll be honest, Zulily is always an impulse and one I usually wish I’d squashed- these shoes are cute but the shipping was really slow)

Athleisure is all the rage right now and I’m no stranger to putting on my yoga pants to sit on the couch and watch Dora. However, with bathing suit season approaching again (it has a nasty habit of returning every year- how inconvenient). I’ve been trying to add a little movement into my day.

For some reason (no not asthma- I’ve been checked), ever since before I was pregnant with baby Hey J, I’ve had some problems with catching my breath during workouts. Not really sure why but it makes long intense exercise out of the question. But, I was really starting to feel sluggish. I needed to get in some activity. That’s when I started doing five minutes everyday of moving. I started off with a timer but now I measure my progress with songs (my goal is 2-3 and my favorite jams are mostly 80s pop because who doesn’t want to jam out to Footloose and Manic Monday?). The bonus is that my kiddos hear the music click on and come running, so we all do it together. I think my 6 year old’s favorite is Walk Like an Egyptian. Me? I really like some Flashdance.

Exercises that keep me moving (**Note: you should always check with a doctor before starting any fitness routine. I’m totally not an expert so go find one to figure out the proper form for all of these;):

Marching with high knees

Jogging in place

Knee to opposite elbow


Walking: forward and back, around the room, in place

Punch and bounce (like you’re boxing)


Mountain climbers

Push ups (modified- I never have been able to master the full real one)

Chair dips


Standing side bends


I like to end my workout with a plank or modified plank held from 30 – 60 seconds and a couple yoga poses to stretch (child’s pose is the best).

But really, anything that gets you moving works. And, I’m going to get real with you. I usually do this in my PJs right before my shower. But, I got dressed up because I don’t think anyone wants to see a picture of that. Plus, how cute are the mesh and cutout trends this year? I’m totally going to be rocking this outfit on the playground and beyond!

This post was sponsored by Mint Julep a fabulous online boutique (and in person if you’re lucky enough to live in Alabama!) where you can find everything from sweet southern dresses to evening wear or cutting edge workout gear- I pun. Though some of these pieces were gifted, all thoughts and opinions are always my own!


    1. Yes! It’s so great because the kids join in too! So much fun for the whole family. Plus, I’m tired but I’m almost never too tired to jam out for 5 minutes and do a couple sets of push ups.

    1. Haha right? They really pop. I have to admit my athletic sock selection isn’t really huge ?

  1. I’m in love with those leggings! And the strappy top is so cute! Gotta add these to my workout apparel wishlist!

  2. I love how simple these suggestions are. I could do so much better at implementing these throughout my day! #wanderingwednesday

    1. Right? Everyone has 5 minutes and I normally feel so better even if I’m dragging on through it!

  3. Love the leggings and what a great routine! I have the same problem with my breathing/heart/chest pain when I get doing anything too strenuous – like say, climbing the stairs! Yikes! I can ride my bike with minor discomfort. It is so weird! I’ve had every test run on my heart, lungs, and upper GI. They found some non-related things which I have had fixed so no answers for me either. Glad you’re getting up and moving! I love it!

    1. It is so odd! I just have to remember not to go too hard. I’ve had 3 or 4 ekgs and a ton of GI tests and been to an ent and allergist ?‍♀️ it’s mostly not an issue so I just keep on keeping on and focus on less strenuous exercise lol

      1. That sounds exactly like what I’ve had to do! I’ve never heard of anyone with anything like it. It’s hard to go hard even though dr says it’s okay. It just feels so wrong.

  4. A) that top is super cute and B) this is such perfect motivation, love the idea of setting songs as your timer and my little one is all about dancing. Starting this tomorrow!

    1. Oh another great things for littles is music and movement- try songs from Laurie Berkner- they’re so fun!

  5. We all need to get moving more for our overall health. 5 minutes is totally doable, so we no longer have a valid excuse that we don’t have time to exercise.

    1. Yes especially when it’s only 2- 80’s songs tend to be 4+ so it gives me close to 10 minutes. Not a ton but hey- it’s something!

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