It’s not often that J and I get to go out with friends. Usually, when we have some time to ourselves (which thanks to some amazing grandparents and awesome babysitters is more often than most), we find ourselves at Costco or roaming the mall. Sometimes we stay in and tackle household projects. Very rarely do we schedule time aside for us to go enjoy time with other people just sitting and having adult conversation (because honestly what is that???).

When some friends (actually my babysitter’s parents- have I mentioned how much I love their family? It may not have come up yet but yes, yes I do) asked us to meet up for dinner, we jumped at the chance. I planned to wear a nice skirt or dress but the day came and I was just tired. We were in the middle of a little sadness and the thought of getting dressed up was daunting. Instead, I decided to throw on a pair of nice jeans and a top I bought on clearance forever ago but hadn’t gotten to wear much. Throw in a vintage bracelet (it’s a favorite, you may have noticed I wear it with everything) and an infinity scarf and I was ready to go.

My favorite part of this outfit, without a doubt are my new Sofft booties. I love the color. They aren’t the normal expected black or brown or even tan. I have a confession. I don’t like shoes. Have I mentioned this before? I’ve lived in flip flops for pretty much all of my 30 um I mean 20 something years. But, here I am at the ripe age of 25 (ha to the ha), finding myself loving shoes. And, I’m finally finding some that fit comfortably without being my Ugg-ly ones (Uggs are so comfy…but so not cute).

What can I say about these shoes? They’re cute, they’re comfy, they fit. Win, win, win. Another interesting fact is that either my feet are shrinking (which doesn’t seem likely) or I’ve been buying shoes in the wrong size all my life. I swear I was an 8 1/2 when I got married (almost 10 years ago- eek) but here I am fitting comfortably into 7 1/2s while 8s all but fall off my feet. So, if you, like me, think all shoes of all types are uncomfortable, maybe you’re wearing the wrong size too. That is why, in the last picture you see me wearing my go to Lucky brand flats. I slipped those booties on for the picture but had to return them for the correct size. That’s why I love Zappos. The return policy is amazing and so easy. You will be seeing much more of these boots now that I have them in the right size.

So, there you go. That’s what I wear when I have to dig through my closet to find something a little fancy and a lot cozy at the same time.

Shirt: old, similar

Jeans: Loft

Coat: Loft, similar

Scarf: Loft

Shoes: Sofft, Lucky Brand

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