Dress: c/o Gleam Boutique (use code mommyinflats10 for 10% off); Jacket: Liverpool Jeans; Bag: c/o Thacker NYC; Sandals: c/o BEARPAW (use code BPAMBJF for 20% off your entire purchase)

Ah it’s Spring. Oh wait, I didn’t just say that- now it’s going to snow again next week. Sorry guys. But, really, I’m boxing up the sweaters and breaking out the shorts. It’s time. I have been dying to wear this amazing dress from Gleam Boutique ever since it came in. But, we went from maybe it’s going to be spring now to nevermind let’s do winter again overnight a few weeks back (let’s not do that again please- it was painful). Luckily, Easter was one of those “maybe it’s spring” days so I got to wear this dress as planned (even if I did have to cover it with a jean jacket).

Black Jeans: c/o Gleam Boutique (on sale now); Overalls: c/o Gleam Boutique

Use code mommyinflats10 for 10% off at Gleam Boutique plus it’s always free shipping!

Off white moccasins: c/o Bearpaw use code BPAMBJF for 20% off the entire collection- Spring styles now available!

But, this post isn’t just about dresses. It’s more my musings on why I prefer to shop with small, personable brands. Gleam Boutique is an amazing example. When you shop at Nordstrom’s or Target (guilty- totally guilty- I just got a couple tees- Target always gets me but they’re getting me much less these days), you’re getting a one size fits all quantity over quality approach to shopping. Not to say big box stores can’t have great pieces (see parentheses above), but they just don’t have the uniqueness of small brands. When you buy from a smaller shop or brand, they don’t have thousands of these pieces in the back, because they don’t carry more than a few of each style. So, it’s unlikely you’ll run into anyone else wearing your fab shoes, shirt, jacket, whatever.

Jacket: c/o Members Only; Boots: c/o Rockport

But, there’s the wider benefit. When you’re buying small, you’re supporting a person or a family with much less trickle down. You’re helping a person follow her dream not buy a yacht (unless buying a yacht happens to be your dream, because I’m with ya there- a yacht and mimosas and nannies- don’t wake me up). And, the fact that you’re working with an individual not corporate, you have more of a chance that she actually cares what you think. Do you know how much employees at Target care how I feel about Target? Overall, not much (there is this one lady at my local target- she cares- I love her- Jane if you’re reading this ?). A person who pours her heart and soul into her business cares what you think and how you’re going to react to her products. Just check out Ebay or Etsy- often shop sellers will ask you to contact them before you report a problem. Target? Couldn’t care less how many stars you don’t give them (okay, they probably care a little).

Why shop small in a nutshell:

  1. It’s good for you (unique quality pieces).

  2. It’s good for entrepreneurs.

  3. It’s good for the community.

  4. It’s good for you again (customer service).

So, add a little sunshine to your life and shop small. Whether your passion is fashion, like me, or crafts or knitting or hundreds of other things. Take your money and put it in pockets of people who are following their dreams and maybe we can all Gleam a little brighter!

Another way to support small business is to like, comment, and share their posts. Please consider following Gleam Boutique on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to show the love. Tell them I sent you! If you do want to shop, head on over to their website and use mommyinflats10 for 10% off your entire order plus free shipping- who doesn’t love a good deal?


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I’m just fed up with h&m and Zara. Nothing special, nothing unique. Bweh. I’m finding out my local small stores now. Spring has come to the Netherlands also! It’s a beautiful sunny day !

  2. Totally agree and I love your post! As I already wrote on Insta, I love supporting local and small boutiques! I don’t buy at H&M or Zara since last year anymore and not at Primark for years… It’s a small step, but someone has to start changing the fashion industry.

    Xo, Sara

    1. Yes! I totally agree. I do occasionally get a specific piece here and there but if I can find it small business I reach for that first ❤️❤️❤️

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