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No, I’m not talking 50 shades just about three or four and generally, when I say “no” I mean “NO” and that’s all I have to say about that. But, I do have to say yes to everything grey right now. Partly because my husband is partial. Whenever I see anything grey, it tends to find its way into my cart rather quickly. That said, when I got in my order from Tobi the other day, I realized that I must have been feeling really grey because my package was rather monotone- in a good way. 

Let’s talk colors for a minute. I love color. I love bright pinks, cobalt blue, and sunny yellows. I love rainbows and bold prints. I adore adding a pop of color via my shoes and accessories. But, do you know what makes up a classic timeless wardrobe? Basic, neutral pieces, in styles that have stood the test of time. This is also why I love shopping vintage. If it survived the last 70 years, you’re probably safe on it living in your jewelry box or hanging on your purse hook for another few. There are some traditional basic colors: black, brown, and navy. And, then there are the off shade neutrals, tan, blush, and my favorite: grey. These colors may not be quite as popular as the ever constant black but they can give your closet a little variety without limiting your accessory and on trend choices (keep your trends to smaller purchases like a scarf here or a crazy necklace there so you won’t find yourself out $100 and down only a few wears of that dress you thought would be oh so cute when it was on the rack). 

When I put on this dress, I felt like I was transported back in time a la The Time Traveler’s Wife or Age of Adeline. With a little finger wave, I even felt a little Great Gadsby (and I have the coolest vintage clip on earrings to back that one up). The sheath dress with the flowy jersey overlay is comfy and classic at the same time. The slits allow for a sleek line without making me walk like a penguin (girls you know what I’m talking about!). My photographer suggested we hit the tracks for this one and I couldn’t have thought of a better backdrop. 

He’s also the one to credit for my adorable vintage bag. Did you know basket bags were a thing back in the day? Well, they’re also a thing right now. Look around, I bet your favorite style icon has sported one in the last few months. What I really love about vintage shopping is the price tag. I can’t tell you what I paid for that little number because you might die of jealousy. Okay okay fine, you dragged it out of me: $9. Can you believe it? I can’t even buy my kids’ favorite stuffed toys for $9. Anyway, when it comes to fashion: what goes around comes around and what’s old is new again. So, if you have a classic piece that you feel is a little outdated, put it in a storage bin and wait a while, you’ll be pulling it out before you know it. 

Speaking of all things grey (we weren’t but I was rambling so let’s get back to it), these shoes. I have a shoe addiction but when shopping shoes is as easy as Zappos, how could I not? These are by Rockport and they’re to die for. I’m loving everything about them from the flirty heel to the lace up front. I will point out, at first glance, I never would have picked these shoes. When my husband showed them to me (he likes buying me shoes almost as much as I like receiving them;), I was about to say no but then something clicked and it went from no to love in zero flat. You’re going to be seeing them a lot more because- well, look at them and they’re perfect for my shades of grey series. 

When we headed to the tracks, I knew I had to grab my Jord watch

There’s something about trains and clocks that just go together. I guess because, when you’re at the train station, you’re watching the clock to make sure you don’t miss your ride. Whatever the reason, this Frankie watch with the smoke face is a stand out addition to our grey theme.

I’ve never had so much fun waiting on a train and felt so pretty. The photographer kind of thought so too- he even took me out to dinner when it was clear the train wasn’t coming. Stay tuned for more (clean) shades of grey coming soon. 

Dress: c/o Tobi

Shoes: Rockport

Basket bag: Vintage

Watch: c/o Jord Don’t forget to ENTER the giveaway for a Jord shopping spree


    1. Yes- I’m currently in black, off black, and dark grey ??‍♀️ it’s so not a summer look but I love it ❤️

  1. It’s funny… usually you’ll hear about black or white or colors… but something like grey, not really. I’ll definitely be checking out some more grey items next time I’m out shopping!

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