Sure, you could stand in line to get your kid a hatchimal (or the 2017 equivalent) or you could think outside the box and go for something unique. Here are some of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time and where to buy them. 

Before we get started, let me point out that I choose one large gift and then 3 smaller gifts and stockings. That’s what my children get. Sometimes they get one large group gift and smaller gifts for under the tree. The things I’m suggesting are in the one large gift range. If you’re going to spend $100 on your kid, let’s do it all at once not one shopkin at a time! 

Active and outdoor play:

1. Play House, Kitchen, or outdoor equipment.

My pick: Step2.

See my post on the Cars 3 Coaster c/o here

2. Ride on toys. 

My pick age 2-6: Kid Trax. See my post on our CAT and Land Rover rides (c/o) here

My pick age 7+: Rollplay. See my post on the Turnado (c/o) here

4. Bouncer. 

My Pick: bouncy horse by Big Country Farm Toys 

5. Hoverboard or Segway. 

My pick: Rollplay

Educational Gifts: 

1. Toys to improve fine motor skills.

My Pick: Build and Play Dinos.

2. Building toys. 

My pick: Crazy Shapes Building Set. Snap-Bots

Educational toys pictured above c/o Lakeshore Learning. They carry toys perfect for parents and educators. I’m really excited about all their building toys and so many of their unique products that inspire imaginative play. Stay tuned for a closer look coming to the blog soon.

3. Wooden toys. 

My pick ages 4 and under: Alphabet building blocks. Noah’s Ark

My pick ages 3+: Wooden Tea Party and Food Set.

See my post on Cubbie Lee Toys (c/o).

Click here to enter a Christmas  Giveaway sponsored by Cubbie Lee Toys and more!! 

4. Subscription Box.

My pick: Steve Spangler Science. 

See my post on our stem subscription here (c/o)

5. Magazine Subscription. 

My pick for girls: S’more science magazine for girls.

My pick for boys: Zoodinos.

Stocking Stuffers (continuing with the theme of one bigger toy vs 80 small things, here are gifts that stuff the whole stocking at once):

1. Stuffed Friend. Pick an heirloom quality lovie and your kids will play with them forever. 

My pick: Bla Bla Kids

2. Costume. Who doesn’t love to dress up? Pick a super hero cape or princess dress that they can wear every day and enjoy those stuffers all year long.

My pick: Adorable Essentials Playground Princess line. Dress up your princess can wear everyday. 

3. Rain gear. 

My pick: umbrellas, coats, and boots from Western Chief

4. Clothes or shoes. This is something they need so bonus, kill two birds with one stone. 

My Pick: 

For girls: Adorable Essentials

For boys and girls: Pintsize.

5. Lunchboxes, snack packs, or eating utensils.

My pick: Apple Park Kids animal packs and lunch boxes. Chomp plates on the go. 

Disclaimer: I work with some of the companies listed here on reviews in exchange for products. However, all opinions herein are my own. I never guarantee a good review and all thoughts are honest and unbiased. The following companies sent items for this post: Bla Bla Kids, Lakeshore Learning, and Cubbie Lee toys. All items added to the list because my children have enjoyed them or I have acquired them in preparation for Christmas. 


  1. I have been struggling to figure out what to get my 6 year old, since it sure feels like she has every toy in existence. I love the subscription science kit and rain boots – I know she’d love both, and the idea of getting something in the mail will just send her over the moon! I also love your idea of one large gift, 3 small, and stockings. We have been trying to par down on the gifts as well (not that we ever gave that much to begin with) and give experiences or more meaningful things instead. I love it, great ideas all around!

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