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I hemmed and hawed over what to get J for Father’s Day. We really don’t need anything (I know a few of you are nodding- especially if you’ve seen the inside of my house). With baby Hey J’s birthday this week, personalized kid created gifts just seemed out of my realm of ability. That’s when I stumbled upon Jord. 

I had seen the beautiful Jord wood watches floating around Instagram for a while. I knew he would love them, but he has an Apple Watch. Would he really trade in his beloved technology to go back to old school? One of my first gifts for him after we met, was a simple wrist watch. He wore that thing until the band disintegrated. I decided to take the gamble and I’m glad I did. 

Not only does he love the watch, but, he took off his Apple Watch for an afternoon and I hope it becomes a habit. What better gift is there than freedom from technology.

Sometimes, in this fast paced world, it can be hard to put down the phone, take a break from work, social media, and all that awaits us in cyber space (am I the only one who gets Zappos alerts in my email- shoes!!). How much more so when even your watch warns you of a new email or an emergency work text (I have learned in IT everything is an emergency). To get a few blissful hours without a buzzing (distracting) watch, was heaven for me and I’m guessing freeing for J too. It’s so hard to put down work, but when you really do, then you can revel in the free time- well what free time looks like with four children anyway. 

Aside from that, the watch itself is beautiful. The presentation was exquisite with a beautiful solid wood watch box, we’ll never have to worry about how to store it safely. The faceplate features a a steampunk design, meaning the moving pieces are visible from the outside. It’s large and commanding, definitely a stand out. 

Here’s where it gets really cool, the band is made out of wood. A wood watch? I was a little concerned the band would pinch and get hairs caught in it. But, this isn’t your drug store watch. Each part is polished beautifully and silky smooth. The band fit perfectly but I also love that it comes with extra links in case you measured incorrectly or just need to adjust it. 

I may or may not have stolen it one afternoon because, well, have you seen how gorgeous? I actually love the really big watch front over the more delicate feminine versions. I may have to make a splurge and buy one for me too. 

To say J was happy with his Father’s Day present, is an understatement. We may have revived his watch addiction and I’m excited to have my husband back. Bye bye Apple Watch. Thank you Jord, for giving us some peace and quiet and an escape from the world! 

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Watch: c/o Jord Watches: Dover: Koa & Black

Wooden Wrist Watch

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