Leggings: the Gleam Boutique (pop in to Instagram to enter to win a $25 boutique credit); Shoes: c/o Jambu use code MOMMY18 for 15% off the entire site now through October 31; Braided bracelet: c/o Little Wander Shop; Crushed Pyrite Cuff: Little Wander Shop

I wrote a whole post on why I blog at one point and I can’t even remember what I said (I’d have to do some digging on that). These last few weeks I’ve been feeling unimpressed (with myself), unappreciated, and uninspired. When you’re not only a blogger but an influencer, “no” is part of the game. And, I get quite a bit of those. Normally, I let them roll off but every now and again they hit me in just the wrong way. That, along with some real life stuff, has left me wondering if I really even want to play the influencer game.

And, then a sweet lady from a shop I visit sent me a gift in the mail. It wasn’t big or extravagant but the gratitude expressed was more important to me than any of my fancy collaborations. That is why I blog. Not for the free stuff or attention or even instafame (though we like to joke about that one right ladies?). It’s the interaction I have with other people: moms trying to earn a little while cleaning up spit up; influencers trying to build relationships; women looking for comfort, friendship, and support.

That’s why I’m sharing this today. This blog is not just about showing you how to wear the latest trends even as a busy mom (though we are going to talk moto pants in a minute) but about community. I have found a huge community of wonderful women through Instagram, ambassador programs, and blogging networks. For me, life is so much more than what we do. Yes, filling it up with photo taking and writing can be a distraction from the hard things. But, the important things are right in front of us. Supporting small business helps other moms or dads, women and men, spend more time doing the things they love with the people they love. That’s why I love shopping at Gleam Boutique, not only are the clothes amazing but when I shop there I feel like I’m supporting a family not just another CEO (so I sound like a broken record yet?).

Head to ankle: the Gleam Boutique; Clogs: c/o Naot Footwear

Before we talk about these amazing moto jeggings, head over to Instagram to enter to win a $25 gift card to shop.

On to the motos. How do you feel about the trend? They’re all over from classic jackets to the new jean moto trend. These stretchy olive leggings are the perfect mix of pant meets yoga. They’re high waisted and a little high on the ankle which is the perfect length for all my higher rise sandals and boots. I like that the moto design gives pants a little interest and breaks up the line of the leg. I think it’s a passing trend but I’m okay with that because I’m going to live in these this fall. I already have in fact- these three outfits aren’t the only way I’ve worn these pants but they are simple. When you have such a unique design, it is important to vary your accessories and shoes to give off different vibes.

This outfit created with oldie but goodies from my closet. This is a great way to try a trend- pair the trendier piece with closet classics to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

5 ways to wear the moto trend:

  1. Jackets– bikers are everywhere, and it doesn’t have to be leather. Faux, suede, and everything in between.

  2. Jeans– I am not sure how I feel about the denim motos but they are a really cute accent. I tend to like my jeans classic. But, if I spy a good deal definitely jumping on this one.

  3. Pants– like these olive ones, pants are the best way to hit the trend- thicker than leggings but more classic (and usually less investment) than denim.

  4. Leather– leather is the classic moto look and you don’t have to commit to the funky design to get on board with this one.

  5. Leggings– I have the perfect moto leggings from last year H&M clearance. They’re super comfy but just a little sheer. If you go this route definitely plan to pair it with a long cardi and/or tunic. Gotta keep the lady bits covered ya know what I mean?

Whatever way you tackle (or don’t) the moto trend, have fun with it and remember to invest in quality classics but go modest with the trends. These pants were definitely a steal from Gleam. As for how I wore them three ways, I love the way they looked with a simple crop (crops are meant to be worn with high waisted pants you all- just a friendly PSA;) and a longer tunic tee. And, a cardi is always appropriate and adds a bit of coverage. The pants are cooler summer day ready with strappy sandals or leaf crunching prepped in clogs. Honestly, I cant even tell you which way was my favorite to wear them. But, I do know they’re going to be on repeat- flash in the pan trend or not. You ready to break out the motos? Whether you are or not, head over to Instagram to win a gift card from Gleam and shop happy because she’s got you covered this fall (literally- everything from cozy cardis to chic maxis).


  1. Okay so much to say here. I do love the moto trend and these olive pants are perfect! Second I am so glad to know you! I do think that blogging has its ups and downs and maybe right now is a down. Find some inspo on pinterest or go to a museum to get back at it!


    1. Yes. I just feel like I’ve written it all so maybe I just need to be more of a photo blog for a while ha. I still have fun getting dressed- just not sure what to say about it!

  2. This moto pants are a nice alternative to the standard denim. I love that they have a different look and can change things up instantly upon wearing! Blogging is overwhelming and at times it’s hard to stay focused but it’s good to know your why and that helps with topic that is authentic to you. Happy weekend!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. I couldn’t agree more dear. There’s so much positive things that goes on with your life when you blog, and one of the big ones is making new friends online and seeing them in person from time to time. It’s so much fun!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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