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Lace tank top tee shirt extender: c/o Adorable Essentials (use code “MommyinFlats for 10% off your entire order)

Peplum top: c/o Gozon; Faux suede jacket: H&M (similar); Jeans: the Loft; Shoes: Rieker; Watch: c/o Jord (click here to get a 25% off gift code)

It’s getting cold outside. I’m not a fan. Apparently neither is the three year old. Who decided it was a good idea to put the Nest App on the iPad he uses??? Either way, I love waking up to a 90 degree house- my heating bill is going to look lovely this month. It’s going to be a long winter cooped up in the house with these four but at least I can be comfy doing it. 

Top: c/o Adorable Essentials (coming soon, similar); Jeans: Silver Jeans; Shoes: Dansko

You know how I love clothes that do double duty. I look at something and my first thought is, can you wear that backwards too? Or how about layered to make a tunic a dress (been there, done that)? Whatever it is, if it serves a purpose in my wardrobe and I can stretch it to hit two? All the better! 

If you’ve been watching my instastories (and who hasn’t?), you’ve seen these looks because I couldn’t wait to show off how versatile these pieces are! A shirt that has no front or back? A tank that doubles as a shirt extender? Brilliant. And, exactly what I need in my Mommy wardrobe. When you’re looking for a new piece, keep in mind versatility, wearability, and comfort. The more ways you can wear something, the more you will. If it doesn’t match your style or isn’t comfortable, you won’t. 

Cinderella Playground Princess Tee: c/o Adorable Essentials; Rapunzel Playground Princess Tee: c/o Adorable Essentials (use code “MommyinFlats for 10% off your entire order)

I feel the same way about kids clothes. My kiddos love to do the character shirt thing. I remember once (very very) long ago, I swore my kids wouldn’t wear those cheesy licensed pieces. And, quite a few (we won’t say how many) years later, my six year old is plastered in shopkins. Ya can’t win ‘em all! When I find clothes that are a hit with my kids and me- I call that a major win. Like high quality tees that double as dressup (thick material wears so much better than the flimsy target brand believe me I know!). I need something that’s going to stand up to dirt and spaghetti (we already had to get one stain out of Rapunzel). 

How do you choose clothes that stand out and stand up to washing over and over? Think about it, because as a mom, you really can’t afford not to! 

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