I don’t usually brand my posts because I literally fit my collabs (for you non-bloggers that’s when companies send me stuff to try and share) into my life. However, these shoes deserve their own blog. This last week, I did another 5×5 challenge. To say I did it kicking and screaming isn’t exactly accurate but I wasn’t super pumped. Come Thursday (preview day is usually Friday), I still hadn’t chosen my pieces.

However, I was getting dressed for my babe’s second birthday (how did that happen? He was just a wee one when I started this blog), and threw on my absolute favorite (super old) maxi skirt and this new waffle black tie tank from the Asterisk Boutique. My Naot shoes had just arrived and they happened to match.

Little glimpse into blog life: we had to pop out to get birthday balloons because being an out of it Mom this year, I forgot them. The photographer decided to go with us (as Dad) so we pulled off into a little civil war marker, climbed over the fence and took some pictures…all on the way to the dollar store. This is everyday life for us and we still haven’t taken the birthday boy’s official pictures- sigh.

Back to the 5×5, THE FIVE:

  1. Black Tie Tank Top: Asterisk Boutique

  2. Maxi Skirt: old, similar

  3. Jean Shorts: old, similar

  4. White Lace Top: c/o Gozon (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your entire order)

  5. Grey Dressy Sweatshirt: c/o Encircled

The shoes:

Olive Ankle Strap Sandals: c/o Naot

Black and Brown Sandals: c/o Naot

Since I pretty much chose this 5×5 around what I was already wearing, there’s no doubt that it worked for me, my style, and my mom life. For comfort, I need an undershirt under the black tank- it’s very roomy but I love the tie detail. The denim and lace was perfect for a pool party hang out. The ladies planned to pick a maxi dress for this 5×5 but I swapped it out for my skirt- which has made an appearance in a summer 5×5 before (coincidentally over my babe’s first birthday!). It literally is a favorite and though things come in and out of my closet, I don’t see letting go of that one anytime soon.

I have so much to say about this comfy Encircled sweatshirt and how perfect it is for a cool summer night cover up. But, I’m going to save most of that for another post (it is going to be so good because Encircled caters to the capsule wardrobe lifestyle- looooove!). Suffice it to say, this sweatshirt has mom life dreams written all over it. It’s classy, comfy, and most importantly, very washable.

Now, last but not least, the shoes. I have done 5×5 challenges where I wore one pair of shoes and some I wore five pairs. Either way, I’m never 100% sure I’m going to make it out of the week with the ones I chose at the beginning (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t). Pictures aside, I have worn one of these Naot sandals almost everyday since they arrived on my doorstep. Yes, they are that good.

Officially the perfect summer shoe- mom or no. As a mom, I’ve decided that flats (or kitten heels/wedges) are necessary for everyday life but what I didn’t realize until this summer is that so is Velcro. I know, the first time I bought sandals with Velcro I was like- what am I six? Then, I discovered how convenient they are. Do you know what a pain real buckles are? When you have a no shoe policy in your home, the faster you can slip your shoes on and off, the better. Velcro makes that happen. I’m sold. Plus, it’s super adjustable so I’m double sold. I’ve decided if it doesn’t have Velcro, I don’t want it (well maybe not on sneakers just yet but I’m not going to say never). The faux buckle on these olive peep toes makes getting out the door a breeze without sacrificing a bit of style. And, what’s not to love about the cross strap on these shoe sandal hybrids (seriously these ones were made for trekking wherever it is us moms have to trek)?

The verdict: Naot makes the best summer sandals for women on the go. Blogging has to fit into my everyday or it’s gotta go. My baby is not a baby anymore and I’m not sure how to feel about that (number five maybe??!?). Finally, lace and the Blue Ridge Mountains go with everything.

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