Hers: Jacket: c/o Members Only;Tee: c/o Mint Julep; Jeans: c/o Gleam Boutique – on sale limited sizes, similar, (use code mommyinflats10 for 10% off your purchase); Shoes: c/o BEARPAW (use code BAMBJF for 20% off site wide)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. There was a time when I thought 80s/90s styles would never come back. Well, I was wrong and I’m so excited (I just can’t hide it). In fact, head over to check out these two girls who focused their entire senior project around retro fashion (the fact that the 80s are now retro and that I mentored two high school seniors both make me feel incredibly old…old but still cool, right?). All these reasons and so many more are why I was thrilled when Members Only sent me a few items to review.

His: Jacket: c/o Members Only; Jeans: similar (use code “mommyinflats20 for 20%off your first order); Shoes: Converse All Stars

Have you heard of Members Only? Do Back to the Future, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, or Ferris Bueller evoke fond memories? Then you were probably a Member or desperately wanted to be. As a 80s/90s child, I think fondly of scrunchies and stirrup pants- just kidding don’t bring those back (they’re so making a come-back now that I said that). When I opened my box of 80s goodness, the slogan “when you put it on, something happens,” flashed through my mind. And, something did happen, I was transported back to days of Goonies (Cory Feldman sported Some Members Only) and languid summer days wandering down train tracks (movie reference alert).

Bag: c/o Thacker NYC

But, the fashion is still or maybe even more on point now: bombers and satin and oversized denim, oh my! Seriously, if you’re an 80s child you’ll love combining the fashion forward style with all the nostalgia that only a perfect Members Only Jacket can bring. Stay cool kids: save Ferris, say anything, but never say die.

In other news, the hubs sported his Members Only on our date day to see “Ready Player One.” It’s like an 80’s teen drama with all the fun graphics of the future, complete with a DeLorean- Knight Rider hybrid and so many 80’s hits I couldn’t even stand it (fan girl here). It was a little long and a lot cheesy but had all the makings of a fab retro film. Definitely a good futuristic dystopian-ish storyline (though the government doesn’t really feature here so I’m not sure it qualifies for the genre) with all the nostalgia factors to make it perfect for the 80’s babies crowd.


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