Packing for vacation, oh how I know the dilemma there! I struggle with fashion over function and overpacking. However, there are some key things to remember when you’re choosing clothing for a Disney vacation (or any really active trip). Let’s talk about them.

Thank you Jambu for providing two pairs of the comfiest shoes from your spring line for my trip. They kept me blister free even though I walked all over the parks for days.

Shown: sandals (use my code MOMMYINFLATS19 for 20% off you’re entire order)

  • 1. Weather. Will it be warm or cold or a bit of both? Do you need things to keep cool or something to warm you up? Dressing for the weather can make or break your vacation- walking around with soaking wet feet because you didn’t pack the proper footwear or drenched in sweat because you planned jeans for your 85 degree hike can leave you miserable. Tip: It often rains in Florida. Wear clothes that dry quickly and this goes for shoes too. Top picks for water proof, comfortable shoes: these strappy sandals and these with a little more coverage by Jambu.
  • Wildflower Mocs: c/o Jambu Footwear (code MOMMYINFLATS19 for 20% off you’re entire order)

  • 2. Comfort. Fashion is fine and good and it’s best when you can be comfortable and feel put together at the same time. So bring the stretchy pants, layers, and bike shorts. Because the only thing worse than being too hot or too cold is to have things be too tight. Tip: Whether you ride the Safari in Animal Kingdom or give your credit card a workout at Disney Springs, you will be stretching your legs and on your feet for hours all day. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and broken in for mikes of walking. No one wants blisters in the Happiest Place on Earth. I loved these slip ons from Jambu Footwear for all day comfort.
  • Kids shoes c/o Jambu Footwear

  • 3. Activity. Don’t forget to pack for your activities. This especially comes to footwear. You may have a pair of sandals that is perfectly okay for a coffee date with friends but not quite up to all day at Disney. Make sure you pack comfy shoes because you’re going to be walking..and walking.. and then walking some more. (This is especially true if you don’t exactly plan your day and spend most of it traipsing from one end of the park to the other.) Tip: Bring washable, wearable, comfortable clothes and easy to slip on shoes. Now is not the time to test run new styles. Grab things you know you love and avoid any uncomfortable chafing, digging, or rubbing, so you can enjoy your adventure. I’ve got my eye on these Jambu sneakers for summer hikes (bonus, they’re all breathable making them waterfall walking ready).
  • Luggage: c/o iFly (the perfect case to help you stay chic and organized while on the go)

    Wondering what I packed? Here’s a rundown:

    3 breezy tee shirt dresses with shorts (I buy Jockey bike shorts in various lengths, they make summer dresses more comfortable and modest)

    5 bottoms (1 short, 2 jeans, 2 leggings)

    5 tops (2 long sleeve, 2 sleeveless, 1 short sleeve)

    4 sweatshirts

    3 pairs of shoes (1 sandal, 1 slip on, 1 sneaker)

    Bag: c/o Latico Leathers use code MIF20 for 20% off your purchase. This bag made my Disney travel so easy and organized. It was light enough to carry all over the park and big enough to hold the extras. Plus, it has credit card slots so I didn’t have to bring a wallet! Check out all their Cross Body bags to find the perfect one for your next adventure!

    Out of this, I wore 1 dress, all bottoms, and 4 of the tops plus all sweatshirts. It was in the low 70s most of our trip but I needed those sweatshirts for the cold nights and chilly day. I didn’t have a huge selection of clothes to wear and that made getting dressed easier. I had enough that I could have had more choices but the weather and activities dictated which ones I wore and when.

    With all that in mind, I packed for a week long Disney vacation in a carry on and ended up with at least 3 or 4 days of outfits unworn (given that you can wear jeans and sweaters multiple times between washing). How? This is where building a neutral wardrobe comes unto play- my pieces are all interchangeable. I also kept my shoe choices to three pairs. Some of you are wondering how and others are wondering why so many.

    Here’s my logic: when you’re packing for six people, space is at a premium. However, bringing only one pair of shoes sets you up for disaster especially when a lot of walking is on the agenda. Bringing multiple choices allows you to switch it up (even the best shoes may put pressure on certain areas of the foot and swapping them out guarantees comfort for the whole trip).

    Be happy in the happiest place on earth and dress for comfort and style and keep those feet moving for miles.

    Thank you Jambu Footwear for making comfortable shoes for women and helping my trip remain blister-less! Since I love sharing, use my code MOMMYINFLATS19 for 20% off your entire purchase at Jambu.


      1. Thank you love! I totally agree. There’s no faster way to kill a busy vacation than with a foot full of blisters!

    1. You guys look like you had so much fun in Disney! I love love love Jambu shoes, I’m sure they were the perfect cute and comfortable shoe choice for all the walking you did. ❤

    2. And you look fly AF in your vacay clothes. How do you do it beautiful one? 🙂 I’m so happy you had such a nice vacation. What a magical trip for your family!

      I too overpack. Like, even when I drive an hour and a half to see my parents. Gotta bring all the outfits! I need to take your advice and work on that! Thanks for sharing hun ?

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