I met Amy through the same Faith & Mamas instachat that I met my co-host for the month, Kaitlyn. Amy inspires me with her Faith in God and perseverance in the face of tribulation. She is sharing her experience today over at her blog: www.thepragmaticpeach.com. Please read her story and know that you are not alone and together we are changing the face of postpartum because we are Motherhood and we have many faces. 

About the author: Amy Pietch is a full time working mom, now living in Cincinnati, OH. After growing up in Northern Michigan, her family relocated to southern Ohio and she ended up graduating from the Ohio State University. Amy has moved several times since then, most recently living in Minneapolis, MN where The Pragmatic Peach blog was born after the arrival of her son in early 2015.

Amy is a passionate mama, manager, writer, wife, and friend. She believes deeply in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and that everyone has inherent value and worth. Her blog focuses on working mom and Christian mom struggles and strives to present her reality to help others. Amy and her husband have since welcomed their second son in late 2016.


Think you or someone you know may be struggling with postpartum depression, anxiety, or another mental health disorder? Please contact your health provider including your OBGYN or family doctor. Need more information? Visit Postpartum Support International for great information on maternal mental health and more. If you fear you or someone you love may be contemplating suicide or facing a mental health emergency, call the Suicide Prevention Hotline and get to your nearest emergency room. Please consider buying a PPD Awareness t-shirt, all proceeds go to help mothers in need. Have questions or need support please join the discussion on Facebook.