Denim on denim? No, definitely not. Never. Not going to happen. Why on earth would I ever…oh look there’s a denim shirt- that would look really nice with my high rise skinnies. I feel a little like Dory right now. 

When I found this shirt, first, I thought it was on clearance- so bummed when I discovered it wasn’t. I did end up getting it for 20% off though, so that’s something. Second, I thought oh denim shirt. Then I saw a lot of Chambray floating around and thought- oh maybe it’s called Chambray and felt all sophisticated. Only to discover nah- it’s just a good old denim shirt. It’s okay I still like it even without its pretentious name (I like pretentious things for the record…the more pretentious the better;). Third, I bought it to wear with dresses kind of like a lighter version of a jean jacket. And, I do wear it like that but this jean on jean action was an unexpected bonus wear. 

Three Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt:

The blouse: untucked, buttoned, and straight. This is the most comfy and cozy look and can be paired with leggings as well as skinny jeans. It’s just a relaxed, casual style. Classic, no fuss. 

The tuck: Tucking it into high rise skinny jeans gives the shirt a little more of a polished look (if denim on denim can be polished? I’m not sure about that one. But, I liked it). This was probably my favorite look with jeans. I paired it with booties here but I’m pretty sure it would look pretty cute with flats or sandals too. 

The tie: Tying the ends gives you a slightly more interesting look than the other two. Okay, it made me look like a cowgirl but that’s kind of the overall look of the denim shirt with jeans no matter how you style it. The boots probably added a little cowgirl to it too- all I need now are pigtails. 

And, here’s a look I wear a *lot:*

Bonus look: The Mom. Leggings go with everything. Really. You’ll believe me one day right? Anyway, this look was comfy, casual and I think is going to be a go to this spring. 

Which is your favorite? 

Denim Shirt: Mossimo

Jeans: Level 99 

Boots: Sofft

Bag: Ona 

Tank: old, similar 

Leggings: Felina

Boots: Timberland


    1. Hahaha you can’t win ’em all! I think it would have looked a little less cowgirl if I’d gone with flats. I’ll try it again- maybe it’ll win us both over ?

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