I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Retro is in. Decor, fashion, design. All of it. That’s why you’re seeing a shift dress again so soon. They’re everywhere and I happen to love them. 

This is the dress I was wearing in my last post for tea with the kiddos. I had to give you a better look though because it’s fabulous. The minute I saw it at Loft, I knew it had to live in my closet, alas, it was full price at the time. I knew they would have a sale soon (believe me never pay full price) so I waited and they did! I snatched it up. One thing I have to say, to get it to fit me properly, I had to size down and that did make it a little shorter than my typical dress, so my dreams of wearing it bare legged may be out of the question. That’s okay though because even though I considered returning it, I knew it was futile because the shape, the texture, the color, I love it all. Oh plus pockets. Have I mentioned before that I love pockets? Many a cardigan has been vetoed for its lack thereof. 

Shall we talk shoes for a minute? These are my summer buy. I saw them in the hush puppies catalog that came in the mail and thought- oh are those men’s shoes? Second thought: seriously they’re not men’s shoes? And then, I decided I loved them and had to have them. This seems to happen a lot lately. I see something, think I totally hate it, have a while to ruminate over it and suddenly it’s a must have instead of a definitely not. Although, that goes both ways- there have been plenty of times I thought I loved something and bought it and either wore it a few times or tried it once and realized it was not such a love after all. 

Then, there’s this bag. I’m showing you separately because I don’t love it at all with this dress. In fact, I keep trying it with different outfits and haven’t found a combination I like yet- this may go in the dress up bin (for $8 it’s not too much of a loss). I picked up the bag in an antique store thinking- huh, I can’t decide how I feel about this. Do I love it or is it hideous? Still haven’t decided. That’s what fashion is all about though- trying things out and figuring out what you love. 

And, here’s a last look at our tea party.

Those kids. I spoke too soon the other day when I was talking about how well they were handling this winter. You’d think a snow day would not be much different than any other day for a homeschooling family. But, today was different all right! Hoping to make it out to our activities for the rest of the week so we can get a break from being on top of each other. That or I may have to find three corners to put our Floor Blooms in and set the timer for spring (because at this point I’m worried that will be how long it is before attitudes improve)! Don’t worry I won’t really do that- those pillows are too pretty to hide in the corner. 

Dress: Loft

Shoes: Hush Puppies

Bag: Vintage

Floor Pillows: Floor Bloom