Cardi: c/o Gozon; Dress: c/o Brickyard Buffalo; Sandals: Comfortiva (I bought these myself because the sale was so good)

I did the monochrome thing back over the summer with my favorite camel colored dress and a pair of matching gladiators. When I found these boots from Comfortiva, I knew I had to repeat the monotone look for fall and winter. I have two favorite colors and surprise they’re both neutrals. The first is grey (I actually have a shades of grey look below that I also achieved with the perfect Comfortiva wedge booties) and the second is tan. The biggest difference is that I often wear grey in large quantities whereas I limit my tan to accent pieces, usually anyway. Not anymore.

Coat: Old Navy (I’m not linking up because I recommend you find a higher quality piece for a better price but that is where I found it); Dress: c/o Brickyard Buffalo; Boots: c/o Comfortiva

There is something amazing about the fit of this tan (some might call tawny) dress. It’s so comfy and it just hugs me right without showing too much (even though I’m slender thanks to a strict gluten free and high protein lifestyle, I still have some mommy bulges hiding here and there). When I found these amazing boots in luggage I knew they would be perfect for another round of monotone. What I didn’t realize was Comfortiva was going to practically give their gorgeous (and oh so comfy) shoes away over Columbus day. I couldn’t help but pick up these amazing slides. Hence the concept of summer to fall to winter head to toe tan (or camel if we’re being completely trendy as that color is so on the in).

If you want to get some tips and tricks on how to go monochrome, head over to my summer post. Since I already covered that, let’s talk about how to take a short dress to fall and winter. There are three things to consider.

  1. Outerwear. Whether you need a heavy jacket, a light cardi or something in between, camel colored outerwear will never do you wrong. Throwing on the right weight jacket is the essential first step when you’re transitioning your wardrobe from warm to cold weather.

Top: Target; Leggings: Spanx (may have to dedicate a post to my search for the perfect faux leather leggings- spoiler alert these didn’t make the cut sigh); Boots: Comfortiva (purchased during their Columbus Day sale- have I mentioned it was good?)

  1. Legwear. When it’s cold you need to cover up. I didn’t in my tan looks because it was still on the verge of chilly here but I could easily have thrown on some nude hose and called it a day. This is when going grey or black can be a little easier. I feel like nude is not as popular as the darker colors for legwear. That said, be on the look out this season for suede leggings in camel. Or soft tan corduroy. Both are hot on the wearable fashion scene this year and I’m pretty sure a splash of tan can never do you wrong.

  1. Shoes. I saved the best for last. I mentioned above that I picked up the slides myself during a sale and they can easily get me through transitional seasons in Virginia. This might not be the case where you are so for the cold weather dwellers, let’s focuse on these amazing Comfortiva leather boots in luggage. Going monochromatic is all about the shoes (isn’t life all about the shoes?) and choosing the right ones. It’s easy to go all black or grey. Tan? That takes a little more. These soft, high ankle booties fit that bill and so much more. I feel like the color is on point for fall 2018 and beyond. Tan is an easy way to add a splash of color to an otherwise bland outfit. In this case, it just brings the whole look together from head to perfectly covered toe.

I think I’ve exhausted the looks for this dress of the monochrome variety. But, who knows what the next season will bring (I’m hoping lots more awesome shoes from Comfortiva). I dunno if I’ve convinced you to go head to toe camel but I’ll take a splash of tan and a good pair of (modestly priced) shoes.


    1. Thank you Ruth!! ❤️❤️❤️ it’s a favorite dress and you can’t go wrong with Comfortiva!

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