A couple months ago while you all were sitting on the edge of your seats anxious to see if the Patriots or the Falcons would reign victorious in that big game they hold once a year, what’s it called again? Oh yeah the Super Bowl. I wasn’t watching. I wasn’t interested. I wasn’t biting my nails or wondering if Brady was going to underinflate the footballs again this year. But, I was on the edge of my bed (don’t judge, I have four kids, I’m in bed by 9), anxiously checking my Facebook messages. I was agitatedly brushing off husband and children, my mind too excited to concentrate. Why all this excitement if not over the most anticipated game of the year?

Let me start at the beginning. About two years ago, I started a book club for my children and invited local homeschoolers to join us. That’s where I first met Becca and Jon and their beautiful little girl S. We quickly bonded over our love of board games and bunnies. We met monthly and then more often to get our children together who absolutely adore each other. I often wondered when we first met, why they only had one little girl. She is so smart, funny, sweet, and kind. Surely the world would be a better place with a few more baby Rs.

That’s when Becca shared the story of their journey to parenthood, the second time around. They’d been casually hoping for years and even explored the sometimes heartbreaking world of adoption. Their hearts were big but disappointment ensued time and again. During that time, I was experiencing some hardships of my own (stay tuned for my struggle with PPD and anxiety on the blog next week) and had a spiritual rebirth of sorts that led to a more conversational relationship with God. As such, we began praying nightly for the special intention that our dear friends would be blessed in whatever way He saw fit. There were ups and downs for Becca and Jon, but their positivity and hopefulness left me in awe. I have never prayed so hard for anything in my life as I did for them to be sent another soul to raise alongside S. I hesitate to say that I felt they deserved another baby- because I’m not sure any of us really deserve such a thing. Rather we are gifted with them and if anyone would appreciate and treasure such a gift, I believe in my heart, this family will.

Back to Super Bowl 2017, I was nonchalantly checking Facebook as I tried to ignore the excitement of a bunch of men running at each other on a large field after a relatively small ball all whilst hoping no one leaves the stadium with a concussion (really I don’t understand?!?!). That’s when I saw it, the Facebook message. The one I had been waiting for and hoping for for months. Two words: “guess what?!” Those 10 minutes it took Becca to respond to my frantic “what?!?!?!” And consequent “you’re killing me!” Replies was torture. That’s when I found out, my dear friends were expecting. My first reaction was tears of joy. Closely followed by wondering if they would be going to get an elective ultrasound because I knew just where to send them. 

As you may have noticed, I have four kids. And, each time I’ve gone for a “fun” ultrasound. I find the anatomy scan a little nerve wracking- I’m too focused on making sure my baby is healthy in there to enjoy peeking at my sweet one. As I’ve had more, I prefer to find out gender before this ultrasound so I can focus only on checking out fingers and toes at the 20 week one. I have enjoyed every one of my elective peeks at our babies but it wasn’t until baby #4 that I experienced the comfortable, joyful, relaxed atmosphere at First Impressions 3D/4D. From the moment I walked into the inviting waiting room, I knew it was going to be an experience I never forgot and I haven’t. Which is why, when I found out that Becca was expecting, I knew she would enjoy seeing her baby there just as much as we did. I was surprised and excited when she told me she wanted my whole family to join them for a gender reveal. What a blessing to share in the joy and excitement surrounding this baby! 

On the big day, we guessed the gender with our outfits. Some of us were decidedly pink or blue while others covered all our bases (I was leaning pink but I threw on a blue ring just in case). Daddy to be (again) was staunchly team pink but he didn’t own anything to cast his vote so my A lent him her bow. We think he looked pretty snazzy. 

Upon entering the studio, Angela welcomed us from behind the front desk and got us all checked in. We gathered in the lobby, chatting, while Erin finished up the scan before us (we could hear excited oohs and ahhs over their sweet baby too). The kids snuck little blue and pink Hershey’s kisses from the refreshment table and S picked out her heartbeat animal (a stuffed kangaroo that would play the real heartbeat of her little brother or sister when pressed). Soon it was our turn and we were ready- well, at least I was anyway. I’m not sure how Becca was feeling but if she’s anything like me it’s a mix of nerves and butterflies with just a little bit of giddy excitement. 

The ultrasound room is cozy with lots of room for guests to share the experience. There’s a large TV for viewing tiny baby kicks. There isn’t a bad seat in the house. There is, however, a play area in the back for restless children (read: my Wild Thing) to play while the parents enjoy visions of things to come on the screen. 

All right, I’ve dragged out the suspense quite long enough, here’s the lowdown on Becca’s symptoms according to old wive’s tales

Baby’s heartbeat: 145-160+ *girl *

Cravings: Salty *boy*

Morning Sickness: All day nausea but not too bad *boy*

Dreams: No dreams about gender *inconclusive*

Hair: Full and glossy *boy*

Skin: Not so great *girl*

Mood: Happy *boy*

Mama’s and Papa’s intuition: Girl *girl*

Any last guesses before we find out PINK or BLUE for baby R? 







Congratulations Jon and Becca and big sister S! Thank you so much for letting us share in your joyful occasion. God has blessed us all with baby JJ’s very existence and we can’t wait to meet him in a few short (Becca may be feeling they’re a bit long) months! 

If you’re expecting in the Winchester, VA area and want an unforgettable experience, give First Impressions 3D/4D a call and schedule an appointment; or shoot them a message on Facebook. They are always happy to help you peek at your baby. 


  1. Oh my goodness…..thank you, Jamie, for telling our story in such a sweet, beautiful way! Tears of joy and thanksgiving over here!

  2. Congratulations! I can’t believe I guessed right. I figured since I guessed boy, it would definitely be a girl. Lol. Praying the rest of your pregnancy is a joyful, healthy one, and thanking God for how he’s blessed your sweet family.

  3. Blessings on all of you?? How exciting? A baby boy to raise up loving the Lord?? We pray for your continued good health and for the health of your happy family??

  4. Yah! congrats, Becca, Jon & S!! We have been down that same path! Miss S will make a wonderful big sister!

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