Okay quick name the movie?? (Hint: it’s sung by a little brown monkey) While you’re mulling that one over, let’s talk about kids. Specifically my kids. And, their ever growing need to be just like me. Sometimes it’s really cute, like when my 6 year old insists she needs to put her face on. Sometimes it’s not so cute, like when the 3 year old repeats that choice word I used when I dropped something on my foot the other day. But, always it’s there. Do you know what entertains the baby during Church? My husband’s watch. He wants to play with it, wear it, rip it off the hand it’s attached to. You get the idea. 

So when I find a product that lets baby be like me and holds his attention for more than five minutes, I’m sold. That’s just how I feel about hand made baby accessory: Baby’s Watch. The company is US based and parent run. I love that they come very professionally packaged and they’re so easy to use, safe for baby, and make him feel like he’s just like mommy and daddy. Heck even my older 3 wanted to give it a try and the 3 year old is convinced it was made for him. 

I love the idea of a cool baby product from a small business because when I’m shopping these days I prefer to give our hard earned cash to support invention and families. You should too! 

Baby watch: c/o Babyswatchus