Excerpt from Melissa of www.print-therapy.com

“I never thought I’d cry in the middle of Target, trying to pick out a type of chocolate. But there I was, crying in Target, feeing so overwhelmed by the plethora of chocolate choices that I pushed my cart down the aisle and back again, with tears streaming down my face, my belly still swollen with that “no I’m no longer pregnant and I have the c-section scar to prove it” puffiness, and my hair not washed in days. I’m not even sure if I had brushed my teeth. I look back and thank God I had the decency to put a bra on. The worst part was, it wasn’t the first time. The even-worst part was, it wasn’t the last.”

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A word from the author: We started Print Therapy out of love – a love that values the every day moments, commitments, and victories as much, if not more, than the milestone celebrations. A love that is simple, and real, and gets to the heart of the matter without losing the actual heart of that matter. We love love. We love it in all of its joy. In its celebration. In its victories. But we deeply understand its power in the deeper, darker moments too. In those moments when you desperately need a word of comfort, an acknowledgement of pain, an infusion of hope, or permission to feel – love can do that, too.

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