When you hear the word “momiform” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me it’s Graphic Tee and jeans. Well, let’s be honest, it’s a Graphic Tee and Leggings (with the messy bun thrown in for good measure). But, really, it’s a Graphic Tee and any comfy, stretchy bottoms. 

Today, I’m whipping out my favorite Graphic Tee and showing you three looks that say anything but “soccer mom.” Can you guess which shirt I grabbed? That’s right: Hudson Lillian Designs‘ not for profit After the Storm tee.  

Suburban Chic

This might be my favorite look because that skirt. Let’s talk about versatility. This skirt was purchased after my third child when I was quite a bit heavier than I am now. If you’re counting that’s also quite a few years ago. It’s a consistent player in my wardrobe and it’s great because the stretchy fabric allows for a comfy fit at all different shapes and sizes. 

Two things come into play here: first, the color. It’s a fun print but in a basic color so I never get bored of it. I find when I buy really bold prints in wild colors they tend to last for a season or two but I don’t reach for them over and over like this skirt.  The second is the shape and design. This wears like yoga pants meaning that it stretches and gives to fit my pregnancy body, my post partum in between body, and my normal sized body. Moms, I know you feel me when I tell you how frustrating it is during pregnancy and post partum not to fit into any of your clothes. I really suggest finding a piece or two like this that you can wear no matter how your body changes through your mommy years. 

One quick note: to spice it up, add a knot. This is great for hot days and gives your skirt even more versatility as you now have a completely different look without buying multiple items. Plus, I love how it shows off the shoes. I’m a shoe girl and I didn’t invest in that closet just to have them hide under a maxi!! 

Skirt: old

Shoes: Earth

Stop and Smell the Flowers:

Monochromatic can be the way to go when you’re trying to dress up a graphic tee especially when the mono we’re talking about is black. That way you can spice it up and let the accessories do the talking. Here I added a floral Kimono (both of which are so in this season) and my favorite red shoes (okay my only red shoes and I had to be talked into them but now I’m loving them). Throw in this vintage straw bag and you have an outfit that took about five minutes to put together but wears like you spent hours. 

Shorts: Mossimo

Kimono: Merona

Shoes: Earth

Patriotic Optomism: 

We shot this look right before Fourth of July and it just happened that flags were lining the streets. I love how everything came together with the message of America, hope, and personal growth. As far as the outfit: what’s more momiform than a Graphic Tee and jeans (okay like we discussed before a messy bun and leggings but jeans are a close second). Throw on a pop of color heel and you’ve taken your basic outfit up a level- no pun intended in my favorite Level 99 jeans. I got those back when I tried out Stitch Fix. They were quite a splurge for me but I love them. Definitely favorite status. 

Jeans: Level 99, similar

Shoes: Earth, similar

There you have it, one shirt, one closet, three looks. Not getting stuck in the mom slump doesn’t have to cost anything. If you invest in some good classic pieces (even if Target is you’re favorite shopping spot), you can wear them year after year and still find new ways to spice them up. 

Shop the cause and get yourself my favorite Graphic Tee: 

Hudson Lillian Designs: After the Storm Tee


  1. Um I love this. You look adorable in all the outfits. I really want to get a skirt like that. Thanks for the knot tip. Ha I always think, “oh that looks adorable! I wonder where people get knot skirts?” I never thought of just tying it! haha

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