Meet Jigglypuff our adopted rabbit. We applied for her two Christmases ago when our parish priest decided she needed more attention than the office could provide. She is our beloved pet and not an Easter whim (as my local tractor supply says: bunnies are pets not Easter gifts;). She very much enjoyed all the extra attention during this photoshoot and only tried to eat her little stuffed friends once or twice.

Easter is all about Jesus, sacrifice, and the resurrection. But, let’s be honest, when you’re a kiddo, you like to say hi to God and then get to the goodies. And, after all the excitement (and Lenten sacrifice and prayer) leading up to the big day, what’s better than a basket full of sugar? I mean, I get that I really do- to be young and think the next chocolate may be my last so I’d better eat it now. But, I hate holidays that bring bags (or baskets) of candy into my house. Not even because the kids eat it all, but more likely because it ends up in the trash. I’d rather spend my money on things we’ll use or at least things we can sell at a garage sale later.

Before I give you the all out list, I want to show you a few of my very favorite basket stuffers. By the way- we have huge baskets, that was a mistake. Don’t buy your baskets online. Go to the store and make sure your two year old cannot fit comfortably in his easter basket before you proceed. Next, think about longevity. I love to give my littles something special to remember holidays. What better than an heirloom quality lovie? Check out who filled their baskets last Easter and their stockings at Christmas. Do you see a theme? Cute, high quality stuffies to keep them comfy. I love these because they will pass down to my grandchildren after being well loved by their mommy or daddy (all of my children sleep with their special lovies- these are the ones that don’t get lost in the animal bean bag we shove the excess animals in, these hold prominent places on pillows right next to sweet little heads).

I have had a long love affair with Apple Park Kids and you’ll rarely see a holiday pass or a baby born to my circle without them making an appearance. What I love about them, is that they carry items for all of my children from 1 to 9 with their snuggly blankets to back to school essentials (backpacks, lunchboxes, and snack bags, oh my!!). This year, I knew they would make up our main Easter basket fillers with their city pals line to go with our sweet farm buddies and who can pass up a rabbit or two at Easter? (I mean clearly not me since we now own a bunny- she’s our love who we adopted rather randomly from a local parish priest).

I also love adding to things we already have. We got our first Bla Bla Kids doll when our oldest was just a wee thing. Now that they each have their own, what’s the next best thing? Being able to dress them up. I love Bla Bla’s line of costumes from happily ever after to the next great baker, my kiddos are going to enjoy dressing up their littlest friends for years to come.

Now onto the list, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at the whole mom thing, but I am definitely really good at picking gifts for kids. So, take my word for it, your kids will love these:

  1. Stuffed Friend from Apple Park Kids.

  2. Doll Accessories like Dress up (sweet dress ups seen here c/o Bla Bla Kids)

  3. Lunch pack, snack pack , or if you’re crazy like us and have the room back pack (a back pack would also make a really cute Easter basket if you’re the type of family that doesn’t want to dedicate 500 square feet to basket storage 364 days a year, sigh, thanks a lot Pottery Barn and your misleading online size depiction- this Bunny Pack from Apple Park Kids would make a great option!).

  4. Garden Set.

  5. Goggles or other pool accessories.

  6. Sun glasses.

  7. Surprise packs of small toys (save these for the week after to spread out the fun and maybe give yourself a few minutes of quiet- you’ll need it).

  8. Flashlight or night light.

  9. Books: Board, Picture, or Chapter depending on age.

  10. Grooming supplies- nothing says Christ has Risen like a new toothbrush. But really, my kids love these.

  11. Religious themed gifts: dolls, book or prayers or moral stories, bibles, rosary (if you’re catholic), crosses to hang in their room, holy cards, or medals.

  12. Bathing suit.

  13. Sandals or flip flops.

  14. Magazine.

  15. Movie.

  16. Silly putty.

  17. Bath toys.

  18. Bath or Beach Towel.

  19. Tea set.

  20. Action figures: princesses or GI Joes- whatever floats your boat!

  21. Sand toys. A beach bucket also makes a great usable Easter basket (we won’t talk about our ridiculous ones again, hindsight is 20/20 eh- learn from us).

  22. Essential oil diffuser (you can buy cute kids ones from Amazon). This helps my children sleep when they’re sick so even if you don’t put it in your kids’ easter basket get yourself one.

  23. Non- candy food treats (like mini cereals or granola bars).

  24. Adventure gifts: movie tickets, gift cards (for restaurants, icecream, or stores), trips to theme parks (this is more if you were already planning to do it- might make a fun gift instead of more stuff), home made coupons for no cost adventures like going hiking or to the library or even special trip out with mom or dad (even if it’s just to do errands).

  25. Puzzles. This might also make a fun egg hunt idea- see below.

  26. Lots and lots of things from the dollar store. Just go. I always manage to find tons of things I “need” there. Bubbles, chalk, and pinwheels or glow toys.

  27. Musical toys. Shaker eggs. Bells. Drums. Recorders (if you like to be tortured by way of shattered ear drums).

  28. Glow Sticks.

  29. Animal shaped pillow.

By the way you’re meant to just pick a few of these. Even if you have mammoth sized baskets like some children I know, I doubt all of these will fit. You can try if you want but whatever you do, do not post your overstuffed baskets on Facebook- nobody needs that kind of judgement (just kidding post away- I’ll be right there with you!).

Here are some non-candy ideas for the Egg Hunt:

  1. Bouncy balls.

  2. Squinkies or shopkins (you can buy unbranded ones on Ebay for cheap, you’re welcome).

  3. Small cars.

  4. Animal or dinosaur figures (you can get a huge bin of them from Target.

  5. Stickers.

  6. Temporary tattoos.

  7. Coins.

And, if you don’t want to end up with any extra junk from that hunt, here are a few Fun non-candy or toy Egg Hunt Ideas:

Hold a puzzle hunt: Place a piece of puzzle in every egg and then have everyone work together to find all the eggs and put the puzzle together. This takes the competition out of the hunt and also provides a team building exercise.

Hold an after hours hunt with glow sticks. I did not come up with this idea but I’ve always wanted to do one! Wait until dark and then fill eggs with glow sticks. Once the kids find all the eggs, hide them again. I can see this providing hours of fun!

Whether you’re celebrating Jesus or just enjoy the idea of a rabbit who paw delivers jelly beans, I hope you and yours have a blessed Easter- filled with happiness and maybe only a mini sugar rush.

This post was sponsored in part by Apple Park Kids. Though some items were gifted for review, all opinions and ideas are always my own. 


  1. I love your ideas! This is going to be my go-to list when I get in to Target today.

    Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday with Confessions of Parenting! 🙂

  2. I love these ideas, especially what to put inside Easter eggs. So great. 🙂 #wanderingwednesday

  3. These are great ideas will have to use a few. Definitely trying to stay away from candy as much as we love chocolate they melt. I like the puzzle pieces in each egg.

  4. Congratulations on adopting a bunny! I’ve had bunnies almost my entire life – they are a ton of work but just sweet as pie and so wonderful! What’s your baby’s name? They’re beautiful! I just want to pat their little cheeks and give them bananas. <3 (For anyone else reading, I definitely recommend that you make your Easter bunny a chocolate one and really research and prep before adopting [had to do a little PSA, too many bunnies end up in Shelters shortly after Easter :(]
    I also love your basket ideas! I’ve been severely lactose intolerant since I was about 9 years old. So my parents had to get extra creative around Easter. And I still have a few of the little bunnies and sweet gifts they would put in my basket. It means so much more than all of the chocolate I wasn’t able to have. These are such wonderful ideas! Thank you tons for sharing your goodness Jamie! I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter <3

    1. I did my PSA on instagram and then forgot. I should have introduced her- her name is Jigglypuff and she’s been in our home for over a year now. We do not keep her in a cage but a little run with a pan and litter box and let her out to run around too. ITA bunnies are pets not gifts (adding that;). But, they are my fave. I actually think they’re so much less work than most animals but maybe it’s just because I really enjoy cuddling their fluffiness??? They make the best lactose free chocolate these days- do you ever try Enjoy Life??? I eat it a lot even though I prefer milk because the older I get the less my stomach appreciates lactose too!

  5. I absolutely love your easter basket ideas! my daughter would absolutely LOVE a gardening set in her basket! I didn’t even think of that. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such great ideas! I’ve been thinking about how to avoid sugary treats at holiday time – I honestly think a kid would be more excited to receive this.

  7. I’m like obsessing over those Apple Park Kids stuffed animals! How adorable are they!

  8. Such great ideas for Easter basket stuffers. I keep the treats at a minimum and focus more on fun toys and books. This year I got a lot of coloring books for my daughter. Love your bunny too! She’s precious!

  9. I absolutely love the fact that the baskets don’t contain a ton of candy, rather items that they can play with and be creative with! I’ll have to keep this in mind when creating baskets and stuffers for my little one! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



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