Jambu Footwear sent me these Rimini shoes, comfortable booties for women in exchange for my honest review. I am happy to link up with brands I love. All opinions are always my own.

Jumper: c/o Amelia James; Boots: c/o Jambu (use code MOMMY18 for 15% off your entire order)

I’m not a stranger to getting out of my comfort zone. In fact, I kind of live out of my zone. Even though I’m in the south and definitely the country, I general feel the fashion vibes of my city roots. Blacks and tans and no ruffles thank you (or at least not very many). But, I’m country living in the Shenandoah Valley and though sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle, I cant complain about the view. Even if it’s just inside the four walls I call my home with eight little feet trampling from one side to the other.

However, my city feels can’t always extend to my feet. Country living is beautiful and slow (ish) and inspiring. But, it’s also dirty. Ugh the mud! For real. And, I don’t want to worry about ruining my favorite shoes when I’m running after my kiddos. But, who wants to miss those moments worrying about footwear? Not this mama. So, I could join the rainboot fan club and just give up my city dreams but I’d much rather just find the perfect shoe with a mud friendly sole and call it a day. That’s what I’ve found in Jambu.

Black Tee: c/o Free Label (as seen on my instagram 5×5 happening right now!); Boots: c/o Jambu (use code MOMMY18 for 15% off your entire order); Bag: c/o Latico Leathers (use code MIF20 for 20% off your entire order)

When they first offered to send me the Rimini booties, I wasn’t sure. I have a really weird foot. It’s too small for wide but generally too wide for anything with a tapered front so I usually just avoid them all together. Then they arrived and changed my mind- who knew that could happen. I think sizing up (just a half size will do) is a smart idea with any pointy shoe especially if your toes are wide like mine. The design is chic with the seam down the middle and the stud detail. I love how they photographed and the rubber sole makes them ideal for country days and the sleek design for city nights. I may be a little stuck in the 90s (some of my friends would agree) but these shoes are taking me into the next century (finally).

In the spirit of things that take me out of my comfort zone, I’m going to tell you a few things about me:

* I’m a city girl living the small town life and it’s a good place to be with four kiddos to raise but I miss the big lights and busy streets… maybe not the traffic.

  • * I’m Catholic and I can put all (or at least most?) of your misconceptions right- I love all people whatever religion or beliefs you come from (fun fact: my husband is not Catholic and neither are a lot of my best friends).
  • * I have four siblings but that’s nothing to my parents who have 8 or 9 each! That’s a lot of cousins.
  • * Speaking of cousins, my siblings and I (as the youngest) all have at least four children– I love being an aunt over 20 times over.
  • * Fall is my favorite season and Halloween my favorite holiday. Especially as an adult. There’s no pressure to buy the perfect gift or prepare the perfect meal. Everything we do is a bonus.
  • * I’m addicted to oils. I recently signed up with DoTerra but you won’t see me hocking any wares to ya because I just did it for me. We won’t talk about the collection I’ve already begun but we can talk about my favorite oils to diffuse (always check warnings and indications when using essential oils as not all oils are suitable for infants/small children or nursing or pregnant mamas):
    • 2 drops anything citrus, 1 drop Cassia or Cinnamon Bark = Halloween
      2 drops Cyprus or Douglas fir, 2 drops tangerine (or wild orange), 1 drop clove = Christmas
      1 drop Eucalyptus, 1 drop peppermint, 2 drops lavender = Relaxation (not recommended for children)

    I have a ton of allergies including but not limited to sensitivities to several large food groups (it’s possible I have a histamine issue but that’s complicated so let’s just say I miss steaks and rolls).

  • When I first started fashion blogging I was embarrassed to have anyone I know read it. I still feel that way about some posts- I feel like there’s a perception that fashion blogging involves a lot of “hey look at me!” But, there’s so much more behind it including networking, creative process, and togetherness for my whole family: The husband and the kids all get into it. In fact, now the four year old ceremoniously unboxes anything that comes into the house complete with super hero mask. He was pretty disappointed when it was just toilet paper and light bulbs last time though.
  • That’s it for me for now: How do you step out of your comfort zone (pun totally intended)? However you do it, make it comfy (that’s my motto if you haven’t noticed).

    1. Jamie, I love this! Thanks for sharing about yourself. The more I learn about you the more I know we’d be even better friends in real life! For now I’m just enjoying our IG relationship? Happy Wednesday gorgeous!

    2. They have a lovely yet super comfy looking line! Might have to add some of these to my Christmas list!

      1. I seriously want all the shoes! They’re ridiculously cute…I could just wear Jambu everyday (and even my kids are obsessed).

    3. Oh my gosh, you have an awesomely huge family! Family gathers must be pretty special. I love these new boots, I’ll definitely keep in mind sizing up a half size. I hate having my toes feel pinched too. ❤

    4. Lovig those boots hun! It’s nice to have pretty shoes but still be able to run in the mud. The best of both worlds!

      And I love that you’re the youngest of 5! I’m the youngest of 4. And was raised catholic too (though I would consider myself agnostic and more spiritual than anything these days :)). So fun to learn more about you!

      Graves Disease really forced me to get out of my comfort zone and build a brand new lifestyle. I learned to cherish myself and my health. Creating a whole new diet was probably the least comfortable part but I am so glad I did it!

      And I agree with you about blogging. I felt so embarassed at first to have anyone I knew read it. And still have my moments haha. I think that’s normal. It also really is more work than anyone who doesn’t do it would ever realize. Bloggers hustle yo!

      Sending tons of love your way! ♡ xo

      1. Right?! Blogging is sooo much work. I had to stop calling my collaborations free stuff because that stuff is so not free! At first, it was like well I was going to do it anyway but now I’m a little overwhelmed (though it’s a good problem to have- now if I could just get paid in $$$$).

        Being the youngest is…fun? Haha. I am probably one of the exceptions to the rule in that I’m probably more family/religion oriented than some of my older siblings (though we’re mostly practicing still). From my experience the youngest is usually a free spirit- that I am not haha.

        Whatever I have going on with my stomach acid (it kind of looks like a histamine thing but dang those are a lot of work and with four kids I’m doing okay and that’s good enough lol)- I feel like it has also brought me into a healthier and happier lifestyle! I’m sorry you had to go through that but it’s great that you have grown from it and have such a positive outlook (phew I don’t usually write such long comments but ?).

    5. Those boots look cute AND comfy! I’ll go check them out–I’m in such a shoe rut lol. Thanks for sharing them.

      1. I feel you! I never wore shoes two years ago and then I discovered the reason they were uncomfortable was that I was buying the wrong sizes and brands! Now I love shoe shopping though my closet may be crying uncle.

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