I’m getting ready to launch a series on summer trends. Before we get that one off the ground, I want to take a minute to talk about one of my wardrobe favorites and the newest twist on it for summer: the cardigan. We’ve seen the cardigan in fashion since the 50s (or before?) with the poodle skirt and high ponytails. It stumbled through the 90s and early 2000s in a short button down style paired with some tame khakis, mom jeans, or a demure skirt. 

Normally, as fashion evolves it leans towards shorter hemlines and exposing more skin. Not so, with the cardigan: the newest style is longer than ever. Often it hits mid thigh instead of mid waist and some are even skimming calves to act as a dress cover. This brings me to another big trend (post coming soon!): kimonos. They’re hitting all the fashion spots this summer: light and flowy, floral, long, and ultra feminine. The cardigan (c/o Gozon) that I’m wearing here is kind of a hybrid. It’s not quite a kimono but it’s not a boyfriend either. I shall call it the kimonigan (my husband thought this was uproariously ridiculous but I’m totally serious- it’s going to be trending, just wait) because the fabric is ultra light and flowy like a kimono but it has the structure and buttons of a cardigan.

The greatest part about a light sweater like this is that it works over a dress on cool summer nights or to dress up a pair of shorts and keep you cozy in the AC. The length lends a little modesty to the ultra short shorts (it seems like 5 inches or bermudas are the thing this year, a mama could use something in between but until I find it, cardies are keeping my bum covered). 

Let’s talk color for a minute. Blush is hot or should I say cool? It’s the new neutral. It can go warm with gold and rich brown accents or hit the spot with silver and black accessories. So, if you’re going to buy one new wardrobe piece this season, go with Blush. I like things that are versatile. Though, I never think I will quite make it to the capsule closet, I like to think of the functionality when I buy a piece. Even my fun items usually wear several ways. And, if the kimonigan is the new button down sweater, Blush is definitely the new beige. Add a splash of color while keeping it neutral at the same time, who could argue with that. No one, because it’s perfection. 

Back to our kimonigan (come on, it’s catchy right?): it’s pretty much the perfect shape, color, and design for a summer sweater. This is just one way to wear it but be sure, you’re going to see this staple spotted throughout my summer lookbook (how many ways can you wear a cardigan? I guess we’re about to find out!). 

Cardigan: c/o Gozon

Shirt: Knox Rose

Shorts: Mossimo

Shoes: Josef Seibel 


    1. Thank you!!! Yes, blush is it this season for sure with yellow being a close runner up! Blush, however fits with my neutral vibe where yellow I can only wear once every couple months before getting a little…yellowed out. ?‍♀️?

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