made-to-be: Personalized Fashion for Kids

Me: Do you want to pick a pair of leggings today? 

B: No, can I have this feather mini purse instead? 

Me: No, I offered to get you a pair of leggings, unicorns are your favorite what about this one? 

B: Hmmm…I was really hoping for one with cats.

That child has never mentioned a cat before in her life. This is everyday with my second child. If I offer her something, she immediately wants the exact opposite. She’s just naturally contrary…er…I meant independent (ironically she’s also the one who cries when I go to the grocery store by myself but that’s a subject for a whole different post). What better for a sweet, strong willed child than a pair of shoes she can build herself from the ground up, literally. 

That’s what I love about made-to-be shoes. You pick your base (sneakers or dress shoes? They have both!), then you get to bling it out any way you want. They have everything from sports themed buttons to glitzy jewels and fluffy flowers. 

My girls adored picking out all their charms to adorn their new slip on sneaks (no ties or Velcro!). Plus, they can customize them anyway they want, any time they want (though please make sure to follow the instructions and screw them in securely- my 9 year old did great, the 6 year old needed some help). And, as I pointed out (and that snazzy 6 year old B took to heart), the two shoes don’t even have to match! 

What better way to allow your kiddos creativity loose than with a pair of shoes they can personalize. I mean, it was either that, or a tee with a giant cat head. Which would you choose? 

Black low sneakers: c/o made-to-be (note: we sized up and I’m glad we did. Though these run true to size, they take a little tug to get on)

Grey Glitter High Tops: c/o made-to-be (note: these run small because of the high ankles, you may want to order one size up especially if your little is on the verge of changing sizes) 

Jewels (multi style): c/o made-to-be 

***Do you remember me mentioning that independent 6 year old? She didn’t screw a couple of her jewels in quite tight enough when she was changing them out, and I learned the hard way- though luckily pretty quickly- to screw them in tightly. Don’t fret though, made-to-be prides themselves on excellent, personal customer service and they certainly live up to it! But, learn from us and give your jewels an extra twist to secure.

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