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I started my blogging journey on a whim and never gave much thought to its future. Here we are three years and a full closet later. But, my biggest accomplishment has not been the number of shoes I’ve acquired (though it is quite impressive), it’s the impact blogging has had on my family. It’s been a journey I’ve shared with my children, dragging them along to quick photo shoots, allowing them to review products, and even write a blog or two. And, surprisingly it’s been my favorite part. Today, I’m sharing my favorite bag brand as I share it with one of my favorite people.

Cross body bag: c/o Latico Leathers use code MIF20 for 20% off

It was actually my husband (aka the photographer) who first said he wanted to get our oldest a bag for Christmas because “she’s going to need to be carrying certain things soon.” As much as I don’t want to think about that, and as surprised as I am that the husband thought of it at all, it is exciting to pass on the love of good quality pieces onto the next generation. Since she’s still growing, I don’t often invest money into her clothes. She’s going to wear them up and out soon anyway (kids are hard on clothes). This bag is her first quality piece that will be by her side as she grows. A bag is an investment and if you pick the right one, it can last you from season to season and year to year. That is why I consider several things when looking at brands.

Tote: c/o Latico Leathers use code MIF20 for 20% off

Crossbody: c/o Latico Leathers use code MIF20 for 20% off

  • 1. Material. A durable, cleanable, and comfortable to wear bag is a must for any busy woman. When looking at leather you can find constructed styles (think stiff and inflexible) or soft material. I personally love a nice soft broken in leather. It allows for some flexibility in shape (allowing more room for all the things). It’s more comfortable to wear. And, it just looks prettier. Every bag I’ve had from Latico Leathers has leather as soft as butter. They are perfect for every single day and hold up beautifully. I’ve been able to gently wipe them down when necessary (though as with any leather, I avoid submerging or soaking my bags). Even after months and months of hard wear (as a mother of four there’s lots of that), my bags still look like new.
  • 2. Style. Trends are fun but when you’re investing in a piece, it’s best to stick with classic designs that will stand up season after season. I love that Latico offers so many styles in beautiful classic colors (my favorite bag color is cognac, with black as a close second) and timeless designs.
  • 3. Detail. This is by far my absolute favorite thing about Latico Leathers. As they are a smaller company, you are going to be purchasing a unique design that not everyone else will be sporting. I love having unique pieces that not everyone else is wearing. I mean sure, shopping at Target is cheap and convenient, but it always gives me a moment of pause when I’m in public wearing the same thing as 5 other mamas. I want my bag to show my unique style. Latico uses gorgeous weaving to set their pieces apart.
  • Watching our children grow is hard but it’s also a privilege. Moving on to the next chapter is always a little bitter sweet. Saying goodbye to ruffles and bows bigger than their heads makes way for mother daughter shopping dates and closet swapping (though only in the downward direction, someone please slap me if I start wearing my pre-teen’s clothes). It is a season full of firsts for both of us and those can be challenging. Thanks to Latico Leathers, choosing her first bag was not.

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