Excerpt from Stefani’s story posted on www.mypostpartumlife.com:

“My rock bottom hit me in the shower. The cold water trickling over me. Tears streaming down my face. Dreaming of an escape. Praying for a cure. Ashamed that I couldn’t get better. All at once, I seemed to find clarity writing on the bathroom wall. Crying more than normal, forgetful, poor concentration, sadness and apathy, emptiness, loneliness, irritable and angry with loved ones, dysfunction at work, poor sleep, foggy thinking, slowed movement, difficulty with attachment to baby… it was all there. Stressors: anxiety in pregnancy, move, new job, poor health of loved one, C section, poor social support, lack of sleep, weaning from breastfeeding… no wonder.”

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About the author: Stefani Reinold is a psychiatrist and perinatal mental health specialist in Virginia. She’s an Army wife, mother of 2 and PPD survivor herself. She’s a Texas native, a Christian, minimalist-in-training, and Pinterest-failure. And she believes, it takes a village to not only raise a baby but to care for a new mother.



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