Our next story hails from Australia (again). Anxiety, depression, and other mental concerns, don’t care what race, religion, or nationality you are. They can affect any person, anywhere. Mothers, with drastic hormone changes and never ending loads of responsibilities, are especially vulnerable. Let me introduce you to Fiona (who prefers to go by Fi). After reading her story, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to her blog www.mummamorrison.com.

Introduction by Fi 

Fi Morrison is a first time mum to a beautiful nine month old boy. She began a blog early in her motherhood journey, called Mumma Morrison, as a way of documenting her life with her son. However, it quickly developed into a platform that she could use to encourage and support new and prospective mums on their motherhood journeys. Fi is a trained primary school teacher (and will be returning to work part-time when her son is one year old), however, she has developed a real passion for blogging and supporting other mums, so will continue to do this while working (fingers crossed!).

While her son is a happy and easy-going baby now, the early few weeks were a different story for Fi. Her son (affectionately called Starfish) was a fussy baby with a loud cry. Over the space of a few weeks, Fi was petrified about leaving the house with him and would stay at home instead, cancelling all plans that involved leaving the house. It wasn’t until after this fussy period, that Fi recognised that her fears and anxiety weren’t a “normal” stage of parenting. Luckily for her, she worked through the anxiety with the help of family, friends, and her mum “tribe”. Fi shares her story about the ups and downs of motherhood, including the details of her anxiety battle.

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