Now that we’ve discussed the importance of sharing our mental health struggles and how to recognize Postpartum depression, it’s time to hear stories from real moms. Our first story comes all the way from Australia by a mommy blogger who has been sharing her story at

Introduction by Carmen

Carmen Ulrick is a mother to three boys aged four, two, and one. Sometimes she is a almond meal using, sugar-free living, clothes co-ordinating, meal plan writing, chilled out, laid-back mumma…and sometimes the mind fog of postnatal depression is just a little too thick for all that and she simply does what she can to get through. Carmen has been writing about her life and battle against PND [post natal depression] since early 2016. She hasn’t beaten the beast just yet, but she’s definitely got him on the ropes.
Please visit her blog to hear her story about her struggle with PPD. And, check her out on Instagram to keep up with her ongoing story of fighting PPD and her hope for the future.

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