Bike: Schwinn – old, similar

Thank you to Schwinn for sponsoring this post by gifting us this bike and this bike for Santa to bring this year. The bike pictured we purchased ourselves several Christmases ago. Schwinn is a quality brand and after countless rides it’s still going strong and will continue to be enjoyed for years to come. All opinions are my own.

There are few universal truths in life. My top ones: coffee is life, children are a gift (even when they’re driving you crazy), and every child should get a bike one Christmas. I firmly believe there is something magical and unforgettable about a child receiving her first bike on Christmas morning. This especially hits home to me this year as my spicy second babe learned to ride (on a second hand, hand me down) over the summer. There are so many reasons biking is good for children, but my number one reason is the Christmas joy of finding a bike under the tree.

Why Santa should bring every child a bike for Christmas:

  1. Bikes make a memorable gift. I can promise you that no child will forget racing down the stairs on Christmas morn to find a bike with a shiny red bow. Those flash in the pan toys of the moment (I’m looking at you Hatchimals) may spark a second of joy but a bike will last for years to follow.

  2. Learning to ride a bike is important developmentally. Check out this article to read more about why biking is essential for children’s balance and sensory motor skills. The long and short of it is that biking helps children develop coordination and confidence (do you remember the rush of riding solo for the first time?).

  3. Bike riding encourages outdoor play. In the age of Mario Kart, gifting your child a bike encourages him to get out there and do it off the screen. There is little thrill quite like feeling the wind on your face as you glide down the side walk. Getting today’s kids up and moving is a big goal and bikes help us do that.

  4. A gift that keeps on giving. A quality bike will last for years and through child after child. We bought a retro banana Schwinn bike for our oldest when she was about eight. The bike still looks like new even though it’s been ridden regularly and even passed around amongst her cousins (we keep it at Grandma’s house because their driveway is perfect for riding and we love to share!). Though I believe at some point, every child should get a bike from Santa- that doesn’t mean it has to be brand new- if new isn’t in your budget (though Schwinn pricing makes it very reasonable), choose a quality brand and buy gently used.

When Santa brings a bike for Christmas, the joy lasts long after the peels of Ho Ho Ho and the jingling of bells fades.


  1. I will always remember how thrilled my twins were when they got their matching Spiderman bikes from Santa one Christmas. I 100% agree with you, bikes are a wonderful Santa gift! Merry Christmas!!! <3

  2. Awww this is so cute! Getting a bike for Christmas would definitely be memorable ♡. I’m happy you have 2 to gift to the little ones this year!

    Also – you now have me excited to write about the health benefits of biking! Feeling very inspired. I’ll have to start researching.

    Thanks for all the goodness gorgeous! I hope you have a very merry Christmas and enjoy watching the little ones as they find those bikes under the tree ?

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