What can I say about this dress that I haven’t already said (see my guest post at a friend’s awesome blog here). It’s beautiful. It’s soft. It’s comfortable like a second skin. It’s long enough to wear with or without tights. It goes with everything. So wearing it with everything, I have been. 

I love the idea of a capsule and once I get my wardrobe back into some semblance of working for me (we’re close now- so close!), I think I will. I’m planning on doing a 5×5 remix soon. That’s when you pick 5 wardrobe items and you wear them for 5 days straight- mixing them up and finding unique and creative ways to style them. Maybe that will give me the boost I need to commit to a capsule. 

But, back to today’s outfit: grey dress (new this spring), patterned tights and long cardi from my closet, Timberland booties (new this winter). The weather has been all over the place. Warm, cold, verging on hot, snow. Yeah, come on here, make up your mind atmosphere! That’s why you’ve seen this dress sans tights and with leggings. Arms bared, with a heavy coat. That’s what makes this piece so perfect as a starting point to build your wardrobe. It can be dressed up or dressed down. There are options galore to accessorize from breezy scarves to long necklaces. I haven’t tried yet but I bet there’s a way to work a pretty belt into the equation. 

For me, that’s what building a wardrobe is all about. While it might be nice to have some parameters when you’re first starting and the structure that a capsule gives you, the most important part is finding pieces you love and incorporating them with things you already have. 

So, have I convinced you yet? Is it time to stop shopping the trends and start focusing on timeless pieces that you can wear year in and year out? I think so. 

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Dress: Lou & Grey by Loft 

Sweater: old, similar

Shoes: Timberland

Coat: All Day Coat, Betabrand