It’s that time of year. No, I’m not talking about the time of year that my neighbors drag all their inflatable Christmas decorations out into their front yards (though that is worth a whole post in and of itself). It’s the time of year where you can’t leave the house without a coat and, if you’re smart, a scarf. I almost hate coats as much as I hate shoes (gasp, you didn’t think you’d ever hear me say that right? But, confession, if I could live in my cozy slippers, I probably would). 

That said, I had to leave my house this morning (Church is kind of a big deal over here:). So, I pulled together a combination of old (dress, leggings) with some new for this season (shoes, coat, scarf). You’re going to see me posting a lot about these pieces. I am not going to be in a brand new outfit every time I post. I’m going to show you how I can wear a scarf or a pair of shoes 10 different ways. I hope it helps you take a look at your wardrobe and shop more prudently. Instead of buying a on season shirt or sweater, you’re going to get sick of quickly, buy a pair of shoes with a pop of color. Or, a flowery scarf (I have one of those- I’ll show you later). Or, some beautiful jewelry. Fill your wardrobe with things you love, but make them basic so you can mix and match, and keep it exciting without breaking the bank. 

How do you keep your wardrobe interesting each season without investing too much into any fashion fads? 

Dress: Mossimo (old, similar)

Coat: Mossimo

Scarf: American Eagle

Shoes: Bandolinos