New Year, New Fashion, New Me

Dress: c/o Addie’s Closet Boutique*** – similarsimilar (stay tuned to hear more about this small online shop, use code “ADDIE” for 10% off your order); Stockings: A New Day (I ask my husband to buy me some black stockings and he comes home with these…hmm.); Booties: c/o Rockport. 

Okay, really, it’s the same old me (but maybe some new fashion- in fact I’m not sure I’ve ever worn a wrap dress and certainly never fish nets). Every year, I sit down intent on starting something new and fun and fantastic. Optimism at its finest. This year, I have a wild thing and a baby Hey J and I don’t have one ounce of energy left for making big resolutions (I’m sure to break anyway- what ever happened to project 365 2017?).  

You won’t hear any proclamations from me about how I’m going to be more organized, write more blogs, or teach more lessons on Geography. I won’t be pledging to spend more time in meditation with God (though personally that’s always a goal) or volunteer more of myself to others. I won’t be pledging to change the world one Mom at a time (in fact my charity for moms is officially on hold since we just don’t have time, for now, it’ll have to do as a personal goal). I won’t promise to hike any mountains (though the Blue Ridges beckon) or lose one single pound (though I could use it after this Christmas). 

This year, the only thing I can strive to be is me. If along the way I make an improved wife, mother, daughter, or friend, all the better. But, I’m not going to make any big announcements of change because, well, the Wild Thing stayed up until midnight. Little baby Hey J spends every meal begging for something that only his little eyes can see. The girls cry when I don’t make it home in time for our nightly ritual of watching The Next Great Baker. For now, striving to keep up with all that is enough. The only thing I can commit to right now is not committing to anything. And, I think that’s a pretty good resolution for me. 

PS what are your New Years resolutions? I think I may give project 355 another go but I’m not making any promises. 

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