Warp + Weft: Not Your Average Mom Jean

Button up: old; MRS shirt: old; Jeans: Warp+Weft (sold out but available in petite or similar); Sneakers: Bearpaw

I have been searching for the perfect pair of denim for as long as I can remember. As a teen I remember the flared jeans that tripped up my sneaker clad feet while the ultra low waistline crept down my backside. No matter what I did (tried belts and tunics were not yet in style), I could not keep my bum covered.

Finally, high waisted jeans arrived on the scene again and they’re not at all like our mother’s. After carrying four tiny humans in this belly, I need a little help in the tummy section (come on I know I can’t be the only one who can’t even suck it in if I try). But just because jeans now come in more flattering styles, does not mean the fit has gotten better. I still struggle to find jeans that slide over my well endowed hips and don’t gap at the waist- yes even high waist versions. It’s like jean manufacturers don’t understand the composition of a woman’s body: big hips, small waist (even at higher weights this has always been my composition- size 0-14, same fit complaints). After resigning myself to a life of legging or maybe jeggings, I have finally found the solution to my saggy bum mom jean woes.

Have you heard of Warp + Weft? I hadn’t. Until the online denim manufacturer (they weave their own fabric!) started popping up on Instagram and Facebook. I took one look at the models’ bums and thought, I have to have these jeans. W+W did not disappoint. They hug every curve just right and the best part? There isn’t three inches of extra fabric pooling at my ankle because they come in shorter lengths 29, 28, 27, and 26 inch cropped versions) without the weird petite dimensions that never fit the rest of me. I knew as soon as I tugged these jeans on (if your skinny jeans don’t need a good tug, get ready to show the world if you prefer briefs or thongs) that these were it. The jeans I’d been looking for all my life. The fit, the quality of the denim, the details (will ya look at that zipper?), I’m sold for life. My only dilemma now is how many pairs of jeans is too many??? Because I want them all (like this pair, and this one, and this one too).

Now that I’ve found you the perfect jean company, there’s only one question left: which pair are you going to order?

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