The Maxi isn’t anything new on the fashion scene. But, I’ve never been able to wear one. Why? I’m 5’4 and generally, Maxi dresses aren’t made for the 5’4″ girl who doesn’t like heels (I go up to 2 inches but prefer 1 1/2 or flatter and so does my knee, but while we’re talking heels, go wedge!). How do you stay on trend when your legs aren’t quite on stilts? We’ll get to that later. First, I’m going to give you a look at how this short girl is Maxi-ing this season. 

I have one word for you: Floral. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! I told you it was coming for a while: all things floral. And, if you’re shopping lately, you’re probably floraling too because it’s hard not to when it’s everywhere. The flowers are blooming in the gardens and on the clothes racks. So, what do I look for when I’m going Floral head to toe? Solid backgrounds and bold patterns. One thing you don’t want to do from head to foot is paisley. Paisley can be pretty and it has its place; it looks fantastic on my little girls.  The place it should not have is on your Maxi dress. 

You’ve picked color and design (have I mentioned it should be big and bold?); let’s move onto length and style. This is where it get tricky. Floor sweeping lengths are gorgeous any time and maybe you can pull them off at the beach or for an elegant soirée. They’re not as friendly for church and a trip to Costco. For everyday style and comfort, go for slightly above the floor, hiding all but the peep of your toes. That’s why I love this black Floral dress from Gozon. It’s the perfect toe skimming length without tripping me up. If it weren’t, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I took this Blush Pink Floral Maxi from too long to just right. Oh and it has pockets- have I mentioned I’m a fan of those? 

How to turn a Maxi into a Mini and Everything in Between. 

Before we dive into this one, let’s talk a quick tip for shortening a straight Maxi dress: the belt. If your dress has no defined waist, you can easily belt it to pull the fabric up slightly. You go from stumbling over fabric to chic and elegant in one simple step (like I did here with this casual Maxi). 

Now, what if your dress does have a waist but it’s still puddling at your feet, even in heels? This simple trick will fix you up in a flash and add interest to your look without a single accessory: the knot. 

It’s really that simple. Take your dress in one hand, tie it around iteself in a quick knot, the only thing to decide is how short you want to go. Take a look at how I accomplished three lengths with one dress. 

Quick tip: this can also help the vertically gifted. If your dress is just a little too short to be a Maxi, knot it into a more flattering length and enjoy!

Black and Red Floral Maxi: c/o Gozon

Pink Floral Maxi: c/o Gozon

Black sandals: Dansko 

Sunnies: Ray-Ban, similar for less

Bag: vintage find