I know what you’re thinking: Why would I want to wear mom jeans? I’m going to tell you. Mom jeans don’t have to mean unflattering, ill fitting, poorly cut denim. Not anymore anyway. When I say mom jeans I mean the perfect pair of denim that hugs your figure just right. I have been trying to write a post on finding the perfect jeans for a year now. Though, I’ve found some nice jeans none were quite perfect enough, until now.

Have we discussed how much I love leggings? I think so. And, if you missed it, no worries, just be assured that leggings *are* pants. But, what’s even better than leggings? Jeggings. Why? Because they’re stretchy, comfy, and perfect for a day lounging at home. But, they really are pants that can go from laundry to date night in zero flat (you may need to change your shirt for that one though, I dunno how you do laundry, but I like to do mine in my favorite Guns ‘N Roses tee and rock out to the Moana soundtrack- you’re welcome). 

Jeggings have been around for a while now. I even own a few pairs labeled as such. What sets this pair by Svelte Shapewear apart? No zipper *and* a high rise waist. Two things that I find really convenient. I mean, have you ever seen a pair of leggings with a zipper? No, because if they have a zipper, they’re just pants. AmIright? So, then, why do all the jeggings have zippers? Instead of a zipper this pair hugs my curves just right, stays up all day, and as an added bonus it has a tummy smoothing panel to hold everything in without being too tight (I’m wearing a size small and it takes a bit of a tug to get on but once in place, it’s not going anywhere- unlike my low rise jeans that seem to always be falling down and I hate jeans with belts <end rant>). 

The other thing that sets these apart from other jeggings is the small side slits at the ankle of the jeans. It allows you to pull them on easily but prevents the bunching that a wider ankle causes. Anyone else have that problem? It also worked really well with my shoes. I often find that I end up with a puddle of extra fabric at the top of my shoe unless I roll them, tuck them, or buy high waters. This solves that problem.

So, while I may still eventually do that post on the search for the perfect pair of jeans (I wrote it like ten times but never could find jeans that qualified), I’ve already found them. What do you think? Are jeggings for you? Because, I may have just hit the jean jackpot with my perfect mom jeans.

Top: H&M, similar

Jeggings: Svelte Shapewear

Shoes: Rockport


  1. You look so fab! You are definitely a great model for them!
    I love these! So snug and looks amazing!
    And the higher waist than most of my jeans look appeals too! I have to keep pullung mine up!
    And the little ankle slit is genius!
    I am gonna check these out cuz you look so vavavooooom!

    1. Haha thank you so much! I like the high waist for that reason too. I hate the tug of war Jean game!

  2. I completely understand the search for the perfect pair of jeans! I no longer feel comfortable in any of the ones I wore pre-pregnancy. These look fantastic (you are killing it mama!) I might have to look into a pair for myself!

    1. I feel the same way! I love them!! It’s so hard to find the right jeans to fit post baby body but these are just right.

  3. Wow !!! These look perfect… I totally agree finding that right, pair and fit takes some “fittings” I am yet to find my apir that fits this post pregnancy body … Lolzzzz

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