Sweet on Fashion: How to Shop Comfy

Top: c/o Sweet Pea Clothing LLC**; Skirt: c/o Sweet Pea Clothing LLC; Bike Jacket: H&M; Wedges: c/o Hush Puppies 

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Fashion is all fine and good but it’s nothing without  comfort. With four kids, I don’t have time to make uncomfortable fashion choices. Instead, I choose to shop with the cozy. That’s why I love that every piece at Sweet Pea Clothing LLC is chosen with softness in mind.

LOVE tee: c/o  Sweet Pea Clothing LLC; Jeans: old; Velvet loafers: c/o Rockport

Hoodie: c/o Sweet Pea Clothing LLC (runs small, size up); Lace Shirt extender: c/o Adorable Essentials; Jeans (old); Ring: c/o Sweet Pea Clothing LLC

Sweater: Asterisk Boutique

Here are some tips on staying comfy *and* fashion forward: 

1. Shop quality. If it’s rough and itchy, you’re not going to wear it. Just put it back on the shelf- no matter how cute it might be for that one occasion. Look for soft fabrics in comfy fits. 

2. Embrace your style. If you’re lifestyle includes cleaning up runny noses and doing 10 loads of laundry a day, don’t buy dry clean only clothes or fabrics that wear easily. Stick to durable, non- wrinkle materials like cotton, spandex (no im not talking head to toe but something with a little stretch is good), and denim. 

3. Stick to your budget. If you know you’re three year old is likely to have spaghetti sauce down the front of your white tee in 10 minutes, it’s better to have picked a $10 version than a more classic $50 tee. It’s easier on the heart to replace an inexpensive piece than let go of something that cost a lot more. That said, don’t be afraid to splurge on special pieces like jackets, dresses, and especially shoes (comfortable, supportive shoes will pay for themselves). 

4. Shop small. This isn’t something I do everyday- sometimes you just need a quick piece (or really really inexpensive one) and big box stores are good for those (get your milk and an ugly sweater for your Christmas party at the same place). However, when possible, try to shop at small boutiques like Sweet Pea Clothing LLC. One of my goals this year is to stop buying so many clothes but when I do shop, I want to support other small business owners at the same time. 

Stay tuned later this week for a look at another small business and more ways to up your fashion game this winter (even while shivering in your booties). 

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