This is probably my most basic look for the week, a Graphic Tee and denim shorts. Okay, let me rephrase that. Shorts and a tee is a basic formula for a pretty common outfit. But, this outfit is anything but basic and that’s where conscious shopping comes into play. Buy high quality items and you can turn a basic look into something more. Especially focus on shoes to add your pops of color and a fun accessory like this necklace (which I’m wearing backwards here to add a kick to the back of the outfit). 

Look 2 Wardrobe Pieces

Shirt: Hudson Lillian Designs

Shorts: Loft, similar no buttons

Shoes: Earth

Why I picked this: I chose the shirt because it’s my favorite right now. It’s by Hudson Lillian Designs and all profits are going to raise awareness for PPD and help women with postpartum doulas through the Always with Me Foundation. Not only do I love the cause (get yours before they sell out!!), but this tee is super soft, comfy, and it fits me just right. Wouldn’t you know I don’t usually like v-necks and I just found out this particular tee was actually a manufacturing mistake- don’t you love happy accidents? It’s a beautiful design on a perfect tee. Throw in the charity aspect and why wouldn’t I want to live in this shirt? (I practically do, stay tuned I have 3 more ways to wear this Graphic Tee without looking like a mom coming up!) 

Oh I guess I should mention why I paired it with these shorts. I have already worn this tee with that pink skirt. I wanted to ratchet up the Graphic Tee factor with something to give it a little kick. These shorts are definitely not your typical denim. And, the shoes, well, I love them, they’re comfy, and why wouldn’t I wear them? 

What worked about this outfit: It took a basic formula to the next level and out of basic mom to wow mom. 

How I felt: Honestly? The outfit made me feel like a million bucks. But, it’s probably not my first choice for errands and taking the kids to dance class. I mean it was comfortable and cute but I felt slightly overdressed. I probably could have fixed that by throwing on my birks and skipping the necklace. However, this would have been the perfect outfit for a date or night out with the girls. It’s definitely staying in my repitoire to be repeated as needed. 

Please consider buying a shirt to support Hudson Lillian Designs’ awesome cause or make a donation to the Always with Me foundation directly. 

Shirt: Hudson Lillian Designs

Shorts: Loft, similar no buttons

Shoes: Earth

Bag: Old Navy (please note: this is not a leather bag and it is not holding up like one, buy at your own risk!)

Have you checked out my friend from Now That I Can do yet? Corina’s an avid capsule planner and she did the 5×5 challenge along with me and looked ridiculously cute while doing it too! CLICK HERE to see how she wore her pieces! 


  1. I will never be able to think of shorts as being “overdressed” or date night apparel. Guess that’s the grandma in me. But it’s a cute outfit on you. I’ve given up shorts for capris.

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